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1 Elderly Killed Every 8 Days: Why Is Parent-Killing Trending In Japan?

Parents, the life-givers are being killed in Japan and this has become a trend. Also, there is a high probability of such incidents that went undocumented.

Edited By : Riwa Singh | Updated: Dec 28, 2023 18:52 IST
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The land of the rising sun, Japan, is known across the world for its discipline, and punctuality. A dozen stories have been penned down on its lifestyle and on how the Japanese keep themselves decluttered while living in a small space. Its railways have made headlines for apologizing for being 6 seconds late. Enough said on its civilization? But the very same Japan is witnessing a new trend of parent killing.

Trend of killing parents

Yes, you read that right. Parents, the life-givers are being killed in Japan and this has become a trend. A recent report says that at least 1 elderly person was killed every 8 days in the state in 2021. If you think this figure is disturbing, these are the reported number of incidents. There is a high probability of such incidents that went undocumented. Blame the pandemic that enveloped the world for two years but this is the same Japan that chose to rise after every event that broke it into pieces.

Is Japan losing zeal?

Remember the Hiroshima and Nagasaki hydrogen bomb blast? And a dozen earthquakes that had really jolted the geography and economy of Japan? But the Japanese always chose to rise again and again. That Japan, today, seems psychologically shattered.

Reasons behind this trend

The country is stained with the blood of elderly people. Reason – caregiver fatigue. Children are finding it difficult to take care of elderly parents due to financial and lifestyle issues. The health facilities cost quite high and seeing other expenses and their routine, members of a family take this cruel step. The stress of caregiving is another important factor in this ongoing trend. People take the elderly as a burden because they don’t bring any financial aid to their families and require care and attention which eventually leads to this horrific incident.

Another reason is the change in people’s lifestyle due to COVID and the financial crises including job loss and pay cuts, that worked as a catalyst for this trend.

Raising more concern…

The report suggests that the numbers should have increased manifold in 2022 and 2023 which hints that the number of parent killing per week might be more than two to three. In ancient days, people when tired of their financial liabilities, used to abandon the elderly members of the house by bringing them together in the mountains and leaving them behind.

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The people of Japan are facing retrenchment and lack of medical facilities altogether. Also, in the deteriorating population, one out of every four people in Japan has turned old. This mass of the elderly population needs to be taken care of by the younger population which is decreasing and is not in a decent ratio to the entire population.

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Imagine every two to three people being involved in taking care of the elderly and living in a territory where the energetic working class is less in figures. It pertains to the lack of positivity towards life, lesser sources of income, and the requirement of more caring hands. Of course, no reason under the sun can defend the execution of killing one’s own parents due to caregiver fatigue but this is what is being witnessed by the land that sees the sunrise at first. The sunrise has been teaching discipline to the people for ages, what they need to learn now is the zeal to survive.

First published on: Dec 28, 2023 01:08 PM IST

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