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Sandbox doesn’t stand chance — Don’t miss out on potential 10x increase with ‘Paw-fect’ Big Eyes coin

Blockchain technology has been revolutionary in the world’s economic welfare, with an estimated accumulation of 20 billion dollars in revenue by 2024. With this technology, branches of innovations have been created, such as cryptocurrencies and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). These two aspects of blockchain technology have been incorporated into various areas like gaming, transaction, reward systems, […]

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Blockchain technology has been revolutionary in the world’s economic welfare, with an estimated accumulation of 20 billion dollars in revenue by 2024. With this technology, branches of innovations have been created, such as cryptocurrencies and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). These two aspects of blockchain technology have been incorporated into various areas like gaming, transaction, reward systems, art, charity, and so much more. There have been cases where these two phenomena have been incorporated into a coexisting scenario to yield beneficial results.

The Sandbox (SAND), the token which fuels the virtual gaming world of the Sandbox platform, also functions in the NFT marketplace of the platform, marking one of the scenarios of co-existence mentioned. Despite this being a fantastic feature for users and purchasers of its tokens, the transactions seem to incur charges that may tend to discourage them. On another note, a token known as Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has been created to serve the purpose of using its NFTs to provide users and purchasers with access to events and content, all at no charge. No charges or taxes will be drawn on transactions performed with the Big Eyes (BIG) token, be it regarding NFT trading, crypto marketing, or Decentralized finance (DeFi).

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About The Sandbox (SAND)

The Sandbox is a Personalized Computer (PC) reproduced portrayal of a world in which its players can make, own, and procure from their gaming on the platform. Based on the Ethereum blockchain network, Sandbox includes a commercial center for clients to transfer, distribute, and sell their interesting NFTs, make games, and a computerized land – known as LAND for clients to claim land on the platform. The utility token, The Sandbox (SAND), is an Ethereum-based (ERC-20) token utilized for transactional and social exercises in the Sandbox ecosystem. The Sandbox (SAND) permits clients to access the Sandbox platform to empower them to mess around, buy gear, and tweak Avatar gaming characters, giving an easy-to-understand environment. The Sandbox (SAND) is likewise utilized by makers on the platform to possess computerized land (LAND) by staking their tokens. It will serve in the platform’s administration by empowering holders to partake in the dynamic cycle like awards to be utilized for its foundation, games to be made, and so on.

The CEO, Arthur Madrid, is in charge of the vision and direction of the Sandbox project. Together with the Sandbox team, a lot of partnerships have been secured (50+ to be precise) to make sure that The Sandbox (SAND) token thrives in the crypto market. Shaun the Sheep, Dapper labs, Square Enix, and ATARI are a few companies with which the project has partnered. With such partnerships, The Sandbox (SAND) has reached the 13th rank among the top fifty blockchain game companies of 2020. An astounding figure was given how competitive the niche has recently been.

What makes Big Eyes Coin (BIG) a Worthy Alternative to The Sandbox (SAND)?

The Big Eyes platform uses the Ethereum blockchain technology for its functionality but looks to expand its blockchain in the later parts of its roadmap. Bridging NFTs and cryptocurrencies, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) can give its users content and event access through the NFTs featured on the platform. Because the project’s community makes up a significant part of its success, reward systems are put in place, where holders of the Big Eyes (BIG) tokens get incentives based on the number of tokens they hold. This also spreads into making the token holders become a part of the platform’s governance and participate in crucial decision-making proceedings that concern the welfare of the Big Eyes platform. For this to happen, users need to have a specific amount of Big Eyes (BIG) tokens in their wallets, with the rankings shared according to the number of tickets held.

Priding itself in its generosity, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) offers zero charges or taxes on transactions performed on its platform. From NFT to cryptocurrency transactions, users and purchasers can enjoy the blissful experience of performing their transactions without any worry of fees, unlike The Sandbox (SAND) tokens which incur charges. Evidently, the Big Eyes team has deeply considered this to make it a part of its work paradigm.

With a focus on the sea and ocean, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) will be helping in solving pollution issues affecting these areas so that the cat mascot can enjoy its favourite treat: sushi! Because the fish of the sea serve as a staple food for cats, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) will be giving 1% of its tax on revenues from NFTs to donate to this cause, thereby showing promise of making the world a better place. These revenues are generated when NFTs are transacted between creators and purchasers on the platform.

Merch creation will be available to raise funds further to support the end of pollution in the ocean. Through the NFT marketplace, creators of art can show their prowess in design and aesthetics by putting these unique designs on the Big Eyes NFT marketplace. When purchasers buy these art pieces, a portion of the revenue is shared with the original seller, the holders of the NFTs, and the chosen ocean charity.

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Big Eyes Coin (BIG) to Succeed In the NFT Marketplace

As NFTs are gaining momentum in 2022, the Big Eyes platform has been able to feature an organized art contest for the community on the forum. Through this feature, art creators and purchasers can come together on the platform, engage socially, and have unique experiences using the Big eyes Coin (BIG). Winners in this contest are determined by votes provided by the community, which will be counted by the panel overseeing the event. With such an event happening on the platform, there will be a lot of publicity within the community, thereby hopefully increasing the token’s popularity in higher ranks. With this, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) could potentially be among the top ten NFT projects on the market.

The Big Eyes Community = The Driving Force of the Big Eyes Platform and Big Eyes Coin

For any project to succeed, the community which forms its ecosystem is essential. This community is responsible for so many aspects of that platform’s growth and cannot be ignored. So, this aspect of its build-up has not been ignored for the Big Eyes Coin (BIG) to do well in the crypto market. Its community has been groomed to be active and remains so with the numerous benefits and rewards they could gain from such consistency. There have been enough technological advances to ensure that the community’s activeness is growing through socialization. This community will not relent or be discouraged until the end goal of seeing Big Eyes Coin’s (BIG) success spread across the world. So crypto users and enthusiasts could rest assured that the Big Eyes (BIG) token is here to stay.

What Makes Up the Big Eyes Coin (BIG) Roadmap?

The roadmap for the Big Eyes (BIG) token has been carefully crafted to further provide the project with an edge of success on the market. It has been divided into stages, comprising different steps and goals.

The first stage, known as “the crouch stage”, will feature the auditing of the token, pre-sale website live, pre-sale life, and the media stunt live.

The second stage, known as “the leap stage”, will feature the token launch on Uniswap (UNI), the whole website will go live, a predicted 20,000 holders, the first charity donation, snippets of NFTs, token swap live, merch shop lives, etc.

The third stage, known as “the run stage”, will feature the release of NFTs, a second charity donation, 50,000 token holders, media stunts on a larger scale, and so on.

The fourth stage, known as “the catwalk stage”, will feature a $1 million charity event, a bridge of more chains, more swaps, and the evolution of the NFTs.

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Steps to Buying Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

After deciding to purchase the Big Eyes (BIG) token, the following steps are to be taken:

Step 1

  • Install a MetaMask wallet on your desktop or a trust wallet on your mobile device.
  • Enter the website https://buy.bigeyes.space on your wallet browser.
  • Fill in the form opened on the website accurately with the necessary details. Choose the payment token to be a token already purchased in your wallet.

Step 3

After the pre-sale is done, your Big Eyes (BIG) tokens bought will be transferred to your wallet.

About the tokenomics of Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

The symbol for the token is BIG, and the token name is Big Eyes Coin. There will be a total supply of 200,000,000,000 minted tokens.

It is advisable to conduct proper research on any crypto project before considering purchasing options, and the Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is not an exception. But with the information provided in this article, it is clear that Big Eyes Coin (BIG) shows potential to be a significant token in the NFT space in the not-so-distant future.

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