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Samsung Unveils Shortcut Sneakers, Sync Your Steps With Smartphone Commands

Samsung unveils the 'Shortcut Sneaker': a limited edition with motion sensors for phone control through dance moves. Developed with Cheil Benelux, Elitac Wearables, Bruut Amsterdam, and designer Roel van Hoff, it's a blend of fashion and tech, available exclusively via Samsung Members.

Edited By : News24 Desk | Updated: Jun 14, 2024 10:28 IST
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Samsung unveils the 'Shortcut Sneaker': A fusion of fashion and tech, controlling phones through dance moves.

In a revolutionary move merging fashion and technology, Samsung has unveiled the ‘Shortcut Sneaker’, a cutting-edge footwear innovation designed to control Samsung phones through dance-inspired movements. This limited edition sneaker, with only six pairs in existence globally, marks a significant leap in wearable tech.

Developed through a collaborative effort between Samsung, marketing agency Cheil Benelux, wearable technology firm Elitac Wearables, streetwear brand Bruut Amsterdam, and sneaker designer Roel van Hoff, the Shortcut Sneaker aims not only to streamline daily tasks but also to inject a sense of joy into everyday interactions.

Equipped with motion sensors embedded in the soles, these sneakers can interpret five distinct foot movements, each triggering a specific action on the paired Samsung phone. For instance, executing a moonwalk could initiate a phone call, while a rhythmic tap dance sequence might cue up favorite tunes.

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Gerben van Walt Meijer, Samsung Netherlands’ Marketing Manager for Mobile Experiences, describes the Shortcut Sneaker as “the sneaker of the future”, emphasizing its ability to seamlessly integrate phone control into daily movements. The design, crafted by Roel van Hoff, draws inspiration from the aesthetics of Samsung’s Galaxy products and celestial elements, employing materials reminiscent of meteorites and supernovas to create an otherworldly appearance.

To ensure precise motion recognition, the development team rigorously tested the sneakers by repeatedly performing each triggering dance move, fine-tuning the algorithm for accuracy.

These coveted sneakers are exclusively available through Samsung’s Members loyalty program. Interested participants can enter a drawing via the Samsung Members app until July 9, 2024, with winners to be announced mid-July. This initiative underscores Samsung’s commitment to pioneering innovation that not only enhances efficiency but also enriches daily experiences through technology.

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First published on: Jun 14, 2024 10:28 AM IST

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