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iOS 18 To Warn Customers About Slow-Charging iPhones: Detailed Information

At WWDC 2024, Apple introduced iOS 18, featuring new customization options and a handy tool for detecting slow chargers. In the Settings app's Battery section, an orange bar now indicates slow charging, helping users make better charging choices and maintain their battery's health.

Edited By : Palak Parashar | Updated: Jun 13, 2024 17:10 IST
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At the annual WWDC 2024, Apple unveiled iOS 18, the latest version of its operating system. According to the company, iOS 18 introduces new customization options aimed at enhancing user experience. Additionally, the update focuses on improving charging habits. It includes a new feature that discreetly alerts users when their iPhone is connected to a slow charger, ensuring optimal performance.

Not every charger is the same, and iOS 18 addresses this by detecting when a charger isn’t delivering enough power for a fast charge. When this happens, the battery settings will subtly notify you of the “Slow Charger” status.

MacRumors reports that the updated Battery section in the Settings app will now provide a detailed analysis of slow charging. The slow charging periods will be highlighted with an orange bar in the battery usage graph.

Apple hasn’t specified the exact wattage that will trigger the “Slow Charger” notification. It’s uncertain if a 5W charger will be flagged in comparison to a 12W charger.

Benefits Of iOS 18 Updates For Users-

This notification offers several advantages:

  • Users can make informed decisions about charging. If they’re in a rush, they might go for a more powerful charger to speed up the process.
  • Being aware of using a slow charger will help people set realistic expectations for charging times.
  • Although not explicitly stated, using the right chargers can potentially improve battery health over time.

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First published on: Jun 13, 2024 05:10 PM IST

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