Wednesday, February 8, 2023

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Massive discount on Redmi 9i Sport; Check how to buy

New Delhi: If you are thinking about buying a smartphone at an affordable price, then this is the perfect timing for you because right now customers are being given huge discounts on the purchase of smartphones.

Not only this, now there is such a smartphone, knowing about the discount on the purchase of which your mind will also be baffled because the discount is so strong, you will not be able to believe it. The smartphone we are going to tell you about, you can take it to your home for just ₹ 550. If you want to know about it, then we have brought its details for you.

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Which smartphone is this

The name of the smartphone we are talking about is Redmi 9i Sport and you are being given a lot of discount on its purchase. Let us tell you that the price of this smartphone is ₹ 9999, which you can take home for just ₹ 7999 because you are being given a strong discount of 20 percent on the purchase of this smartphone.

The offers do not end here because if you buy this smartphone with HDFC card then you will also get an extra 10 percent discount.

This discount will be given to you on the purchase of ₹ 5000, in which you can get a discount of ₹ 500. If you are thinking that only this offer is being given on this smartphone, then it is not so because customers can get a strong discount of ₹ 7450 on the purchase of this smartphone.

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This is how you are getting such a bumper discount

Actually, if you exchange your old smartphone then you will be given an exchange bonus of ₹ 7450 and if you buy the smartphone after getting the exchange offer, then you may have to pay only ₹ 550.

Although you will get this discount only if the condition of the smartphone you are exchanging is absolutely top notch, if it does not happen then you will definitely get a discount but its amount may be slightly less.

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