iPhone 16 Features Leaked: Should You Wait or Buy iPhone 15?

With the iPhone 15 series offering significant upgrades, it's natural to wonder if waiting for the 2024 iPhone 16 is the right move.

Edited By : Saurav Gupta | Updated: Oct 7, 2023 16:53 IST
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Apple recently unveiled its latest iPhone 15 series, which has garnered attention worldwide. However, leaks about the iPhone 16 have already started surfacing online. With the iPhone 15 series offering significant upgrades, it’s natural to wonder if waiting for the 2024 iPhone 16 is the right move. Let’s explore the rumored features of the iPhone 16 and whether it’s worth holding off on the iPhone 15, as per the reports.

iPhone 16 Leaks and Features

120Hz Display: One of the most anticipated changes in the iPhone 16 is the introduction of a 120Hz display. This is a significant upgrade, considering that previous iPhone models featured 60Hz screens. High refresh rate displays are becoming increasingly common in the Android smartphone market, so this could be a welcome change for Apple fans.

Diverse Display Sizes: The iPhone 16 lineup is rumored to offer diverse display sizes. The iPhone 16 Pro is expected to sport a larger 6.3-inch display, while the iPhone 16 Pro Max may feature a generous 6.9-inch screen. On the other hand, the standard iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus are likely to maintain their screen sizes at 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches, respectively.

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Enhanced Camera: Reports suggest that the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max will come equipped with a tetra-prism telephoto camera, surpassing the camera setup found in the iPhone 15 Pro Max. This upgrade could provide optical zoom capabilities ranging from 3x to 5x, enhancing your photography experience.

New Chipset: Apple is rumored to introduce a new chipset in the 2024 iPhones, including the iPhone 16. An upgraded chipset can offer improved performance, efficiency, and advanced features.

Wait or Buy iPhone 15?

The decision to wait for the iPhone 16 or purchase the iPhone 15 depends on your current situation and preferences:

If You Have the Latest iPhone: If you already own the latest iPhone, waiting for the iPhone 16 may be a wise choice. The most significant changes in the upcoming model are expected in the display technology and processor. If you desire a 120Hz display and want to experience the latest chipset, waiting could be worthwhile.

If You Don’t Own the Latest iPhone: If you’re using an older iPhone model and are in need of an upgrade, the iPhone 15 offers an excellent option. It’s a capable device with numerous enhancements over its predecessors. Waiting for the iPhone 16 might mean missing out on the current advancements in technology.

Ultimately, whether you choose to wait for the iPhone 16 or purchase the iPhone 15 depends on your specific needs and priorities. Both models are likely to be impressive in their own right, so consider your circumstances and make the choice that best suits your requirements.

First published on: Oct 07, 2023 04:53 PM IST

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