Google Enhances Search Experience With New Feature; Know How

Much like contributing to a Wikipedia page, users can share their opinions, perspectives on relevance, usefulness of specific search results.

Edited By : Saurav Gupta | Updated: Nov 16, 2023 17:09 IST
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Google, the ubiquitous search engine, continues to refine the online search experience, and its latest endeavor is the testing of a feature called “Search Notes.” In a world where “just Google it” has become a commonplace phrase, the company aims to provide users in India and America with an additional layer of interaction by enabling comments on search results.

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The Notes feature, currently in the testing phase, allows users to contribute insights, essentially offering a collaborative approach to enhance the utility of search results. Much like contributing to a Wikipedia page, users can share their opinions and perspectives on the relevance and usefulness of specific search results.


This opt-in feature is designed to facilitate a more comprehensive approach to search, giving users the ability to provide feedback on the helpfulness of search results. By offering a platform for sharing expertise and opinions, Google intends to create a more interactive and user-driven search experience.

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To use the Notes feature, users can access it through the Google app or Discover. Beneath the search results, a dedicated “Notes” button will be available, allowing users to view existing notes and create their own. This experimental feature represents Google’s commitment to continuous improvement, ensuring that the search engine remains a dynamic and valuable tool for users worldwide.

First published on: Nov 16, 2023 05:09 PM IST

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