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Where to Find Free Chips on Double Down

At DoubleDown Social Casino, the only way to run games is by using in-game coins. They cannot be withdrawn, but they can be used to play slots, accumulating points and moving up the levels in the casino system. So when a player runs out of coins, it’s an unpleasant situation. What are the ways to […]

Edited By : Shriti Aniraj | Updated: Mar 19, 2023 16:49 IST
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At DoubleDown Social Casino, the only way to run games is by using in-game coins. They cannot be withdrawn, but they can be used to play slots, accumulating points and moving up the levels in the casino system. So when a player runs out of coins, it’s an unpleasant situation. What are the ways to get chips in such a case – let’s see below.

Bonuses in the game

DoubleDown Casino does not deprive its customers of the opportunity to accumulate funds. But the number of coins you can get on the site is limited. There are free and paid options to recharge. How it is implemented and how to use it – it will be useful to know each player.

Free Options

Since the creators of DoubleDown understand that not all people have the financial ability to spend on casinos, they have created a large number of ways to get coins for free. This is implemented in the form of bonuses from the casino, which can be activated daily. You don’t have to invest or perform complicated tasks to do so.

Time bonus

It can be collected with a certain periodicity, which depends on your level in the casino. On average, it is activated every hour. You can get 50,000 coins or more. Again, this depends on the player’s progress.

You can find the pointer of this bonus at the bottom of the page. It looks like a scale that fills up over time. When the scale is full, you can click on the pointer and collect the coins accumulated over that time.

Thus, if you run out of chips in DoubleDown Casino, it makes sense to wait for the formation of a time bonus.

Invite a friend

Many people underestimate this method because they are embarrassed to invite friends, but in reality it is easier than it seems. The casino allows you to invite up to 25 friends. Not only will this give the player an instant cash reward, but it will also increase his Wheel Bonus reward.

What are the rules of this method:

  1. The invited friend must not have been registered on the site before;
  2. For the bonus to work, a friend must create an account;
  3. a friend has to create an account just by following your link.

To send an invitation, you need to open the Friends tab in the Inbox section, then link your Facebook page to your account and send the link in the appearing list of friends.

Check social media

If you are not subscribed to DoubleDown’s social media accounts, it makes sense to do so now. On their Facebook page, the casino often posts various tasks. By completing them, you get a link to the bonus. The terms of the bonus may vary. The casino always writes them in the post so players know what to do.

Examples of tasks: solve a riddle or a puzzle, pass the maze, find the differences, etc. For a correct answer, the casino will send you a link, clicking on which will give you free tokens.

Also on his page, the casino can publish promotional codes. Enough to apply them in your account to get a bonus.

Check your email

Players who subscribe to the newsletter from the casino regularly receive various promotional offers, promo codes and information about new products in the mail. So do this if you’re still not getting the newsletter. This is an easy way to get coins for DoubleDown.

Many codes and special offers are valid for a limited time. That’s why it’s important to check your mail regularly and not miss out on messages from the casino.

If you don’t have anything in the mailing list from the casino, you can try writing them yourself. If DoubleDown has any bonuses available, they will definitely share them with you.

Paid options

The easiest way to get coins is to pay the casino. DoubleDown is an unusual site. Real money is not used here for betting, but as a donation, to support the casino.

Buy a coin pack

The site provides a store where you can buy ready-made packs if you don’t have enough coins on your account. This action will not only replenish your account, but will also add experience points to your account. You can also get a booster as a reward, which is a special feature that will increase the profit from all other bonuses on the site.

Buying is done in the usual ways that are familiar to anyone who has ever shopped online: online services and bank transfers.

Bonuses on external sites

There are also external sources that also publish various bonuses for DoubleDown in the form of links. You should use only popular and high quality sites so that you don’t get a malicious link.

Thematic forums

On them, people chat and share their problems and tips on how they get free coins to play DoubleDown. Guests can read and read topics in the forum, and registered users have the ability to open new conversations themselves.

You have to choose a forum that has recently had discussions. This means that people are sitting there and if you ask a question about how to get chips in DoubleDown, you will quickly get an answer.

Bonus sites

There are many sites on the Internet that collect various bonuses, promo codes and offers for DoubleDown players. Such services can be called collectors or aggregators.

They do not create these bonuses themselves, and get them from official sources, that is from the casino DoubleDown. You may come across bonuses that you have already taken advantage of, but you will also find on such sites a lot of new bonuses that you may have missed before or just did not know about them.

Such platforms work on several principles:

  1. the list of bonuses is updated daily;
  2. one person can use one bonus only once;
  3. you can use several bonuses at once.

Bonuses are much easier to get in this way than in other ways. You don’t have to invite anyone and take a long time to find links and codes – they’re all in one place. The services are very convenient to use.

For DoubleDown on such platforms, you can find promo codes that charge money or free spins, as a result of which you can win coins. This is, by far, the most popular source of additional bonuses, and there are quite a few such platforms. The challenge for the player is to choose a quality resource with good and relevant bonus offers.

An example of such sites is Really Spins. It is easy to navigate here. There is a list of bonuses for free casinos. You can look at their date of addition to navigate their relevance. The lists are updated daily. In order for the bonus to be credited, you need to click on the “Collect” button.

So if you’re out of coins in your DoubleDown account, give it a try:

  1. look for bonuses on social networks and in the mail;
  2. Wait for a time bonus or invite a Facebook friend;
  3. find a forum thread where your problem is discussed or create one yourself;
  4. Take advantage of platforms like Really Spins, where all sorts of bonuses are collected Free Chips in one place.

Of course, you can just buy coins and in addition get different rewards, but even for those who are not ready to donate, there are many easy ways.

First published on: Mar 03, 2023 05:42 PM IST

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