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Premier League: Which football clubs do British royal family support?

New Delhi: Queen Elizabeth II has died aged 96, bringing a 70-year reign to an end in which she touched all aspects of UK culture, including football. The Queen was there at some of the biggest moments in UK football history.

She presented England’s only ever World Cup to Sir Bobby Moore in 1966, honoured several generations of the game’s most influential figures, and gave a regular presence at the FA Cup final.

There are even rumours that the monarch held a soft spot for one of the Premier League teams.

Here are the football clubs the British royal family supports:

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II had been speculated to support a number of sides over the years. But according to most of the sources Queen may have been a West Ham United fan. However, it’s also thought the Monarch may have had a soft spot for Arsenal after meeting with Arsene Wenger at an event at Buckingham Palace in 2007. It’s rumored she was particularly impressed with Cesc Fabregas after chatting to him.

King Charles III

In 2012, King Charles III opened up about being a Burnley supporter after doing charity work in the area.

Once asked why he backs the club he said, “Burnley has been through some very challenging times and I’m trying to find ways of helping to regenerate and raise aspirations and self-esteem in that part of the world.”

Prince William

The Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, is probably the most active member of the royal family in the footballing world. The prince is an Aston Villa fan, he’s attended multiple games ever since he was taken to Villa Park as a child. In 2006, Prince William also became president of the FA and has regularly attended England games and FA Cup finals.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry has kept quiet about his support for one specific club and is mostly seen at England games or cup finals. However, when conducting charity work with local children at the New Zealand government house in Wellington he was heard saying, “most of the royal family are Arsenal fans.”

Kate Middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, might have been thought to support the same team as her husband, Prince William, an Aston Villa fan. However, during an engagement with a children’s charity in 2015 she revealed she was a Chelsea fan. One of the children at the event said, “We high-fived because she supports Chelsea and I support Chelsea.”

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