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IPL 2024: Stuart Broad’s Brave Claim For Lucknow Super Giants’ Indian Star

Amid concerns over Yadav's recent injury woes, Stuart Broad highlighted the guidance provided by mentor Morne Morkel during the IPL, which has proven invaluable for the emerging cricketer.

Edited By : Shashwat Nishant | Updated: Apr 2, 2024 17:52 IST
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LSG IPL 2024 Stuart Broad
LSG IPL 2024 Stuart Broad

Former England fast bowler Stuart Broad has expressed confidence in LSG’s pacer Mayank Yadav’s potential to thrive in Test cricket in Australia, predicting his debut for India within the next 18 months. Broad advised against expecting Yadav to single-handedly win every IPL match for LSG, suggesting instead a strategic approach in deploying him against teams vulnerable to fast bowling.

“It was one of the most spectacular debuts that I have seen from a young bowler. To come in and change the rhythm of the game like he did. He has a very calm, smooth stride at his run-up with a great flow. What impressed me the most was his 156kph, but his line was incredible. He was beating international quality players for pace. So, he has all the attributes to look for as a young fast bowler. I think the key is we, as fans, don’t get ahead of ourselves and think, he will play every single IPL game and win all these games for LSG,” Broad said on Star Sports.

“I think we need to pick the games that he should be playing in, pick the battles, for example, a batting line-up that struggles against pace, he plays. It can be exhausting playing every single IPL game. Not play every game. But it looks like he has got the attributes to play every single format. When India go and play 5 Tests in Australia in Australia, does he look like he has got the attributes to perform there? Of course. When I meet Steve Smith, I keep saying ‘you are going to be facing this boy’ in the winter.” he added.

Mayank Yadav’s Record-Breaking Delivery

Yadav’s exceptional performance in the IPL, particularly his record-breaking spell against Punjab Kings, caught Broad’s attention. His remarkable speed of 155.8 KMPH played a pivotal role in Lucknow’s inaugural victory, earning him the Player-of-the-Match Award for his impressive figures of 3 for 27 in four overs.

Broad underscored the significance of carefully selecting matches for Yadav to maximize his effectiveness, especially against batting line-ups susceptible to pace. Recognizing the physical toll of participating in every IPL fixture, Broad advocated for a more selective approach to preserve Yadav’s fitness.

Broad’s Confident Claim

Amid concerns over Yadav’s recent injury woes, Stuart Broad highlighted the guidance provided by mentor Morne Morkel during the IPL, which has proven invaluable for the emerging cricketer. While acknowledging Yadav’s exciting potential and raw pace, Broad urged against setting unrealistic expectations.

“Let’s not set our expectations too high. He is not going to go there and pick 3 for 20 in every game. He is going to have difficult moments, at times. What’s their next game? It’s in Chinnaswamy against Virat Kohli. I would love to see him in that battle. It’s hugely exciting. But, let’s calm our expectations, and let him develop naturally on a nice upward curve, But I think we will see him making a debut for India in the next 18 months,” Broad added.

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First published on: Apr 02, 2024 05:52 PM IST

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