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India Poised To Break Pakistan’s T20 Record Today: Historic Chance Awaits

As India anticipates the upcoming match, a win would not only secure the series but also mark a historic milestone in T20 cricket.

Edited By : Saurav Gupta | Updated: Nov 28, 2023 16:16 IST
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As India gears up for the third match in the five-match T20 series against Australia in Guwahati, a significant opportunity looms on the horizon. A victory in this crucial match would not only secure the series but also etch India’s name in history by surpassing Pakistan’s T20 win record.

Currently, India and Pakistan stand neck and neck in the T20 International arena, with India securing 135 wins out of 211 matches. Pakistan, on the other hand, has bagged 135 victories from 226 T20 Internationals. This pivotal match holds the potential to propel India to the forefront, edging past Pakistan’s tally.

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In the event of a tied T20 match, a tiebreaker mechanism comes into play to determine the result. Initially, ball-out methods were employed, but the contemporary trend leans toward the super over. India has clinched victories in all four tiebreaker encounters, while Pakistan has managed just one win in its three tied matches. Including these tiebreaker wins, India boasts 139 victories, only marginally behind Pakistan’s 136.

However, in the T20 record books, wins and ties are delineated separately. Therefore, to surpass Pakistan in the tally of wins, India must secure one more victory.

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India Dominates Home Turf:

Despite a head-to-head equality in the overall tally, India reigns supreme when it comes to victories on home soil. The Indian team has triumphed in an impressive 52 matches on its home grounds, standing unparalleled in this aspect globally.

Pakistan Excels at Rival Homegrounds:

Conversely, Pakistan holds a slender advantage in winning matches at rival teams’ home grounds. Across 84 T20 International matches played on opposing teams’ turfs, Pakistan has secured 47 wins and endured 32 losses. India, with 74 matches on rival home turf, boasts 45 victories and 25 defeats, trailing Pakistan by merely two wins despite playing fewer matches.

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Pakistan’s Dominance in Neutral Venues:

Pakistan has carved a niche in T20 cricket, especially on neutral territory. With a staggering 64 victories out of 105 T20 matches played on neutral venues, particularly in the UAE, Pakistan commands this segment of the T20 landscape. The UAE, during a time of international cricket limitations in Pakistan due to security concerns, served as Pakistan’s de facto home ground.

As India anticipates the upcoming match, a win would not only secure the series but also mark a historic milestone in T20 cricket, edging past Pakistan’s illustrious record.

First published on: Nov 28, 2023 04:16 PM IST

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