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Australia Clinches Best Fielding Team Title in ICC World Cup 2023; India Falls Behind Netherlands

Besides the World Cup Championship title, the accolades for the best fielding team has also been clinched by Australia.

Edited By : Malika Sahni | Updated: Nov 22, 2023 07:14 IST
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The ICC World Cup 2023 concluded by crowning Australia as the undisputed champions of the tournament. However, beyond the coveted trophy, the accolades for the best fielding team have also been unveiled by the International Cricket Council (ICC).

In a testament to their all-around prowess, Australia secured not only the World Cup title but also clinched the title for the best fielding team. The ICC adjudged Australia’s fielding performance as exemplary, positioning them in the first position with an impressive 383.58 points. This recognition underlines why Australia is considered the most formidable force in international cricket.

Following closely behind Australia, the South African team earned a commendable second place in the fielding rankings, accumulating 340.59 points. This reaffirms the commitment and skill displayed by the Proteas throughout the tournament.

Surprisingly, the Netherlands, often seen as an underdog in cricket, emerged triumphantly in the fielding category. The Dutch team secured a remarkable third position in the ICC’s assessment of fielding prowess, outshining more established teams like India. India, despite their formidable performance overall, settled for fourth place in terms of fielding, garnering 281.04 points.

This ranking sheds light on the crucial role fielding plays in determining a team’s success on the international stage. Australia’s dominance in both the World Cup title and the fielding category sheds light on the correlation between superior fielding skills and clinching victories. The significant gap of 100 points between Australia and India in fielding highlights the substantial impact that fielding proficiency can have on a team’s overall performance.

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First published on: Nov 22, 2023 07:14 AM IST

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