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Weekly Horoscope: Know About Your Celestial Movements This Week  

Explore the planetary movements and their effects from November 27 to December 2, use this information to strategize for the upcoming week.

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Weekly Horoscope
Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope: Start this week with an insightful knowledge of influence of celestial bodies on your zodiac sign. Explore the planetary movements and their effects from November 27 to December 2, and use this information to strategize and prepare for the upcoming week.


Ganesha says the beginning of the week is going to prove to be mixed for Aries people. Laziness will try to dominate you. During this period, progress regarding business will also be a little slow. If you are doing business in partnership then you need to proceed keeping the accounts in mind. During this period, avoid taking any major decision hastily or under the influence of emotions. It would be better to take advice from friends or any wise person before taking any step. Those working in the mid-week will have to work with extreme caution during this period. During this time, your self-confidence will become the solution to all your problems. Move ahead thoughtfully in a love relationship and avoid ignoring your spouse’s feelings. Your spouse will stand as your shield amidst difficult situations.


Ganesha says at the beginning of the week, you will have to avoid getting misled by others. Your opponents in the workplace may try to create obstacles in your work. Behave politely with seniors. During this period, work will be possible to be accomplished only by working together with people. In such a situation, maintain friendly behavior with colleagues. Keep in mind that any kind of negligence at work may cost you dearly. Mid-week, most of your time will be spent organizing all the things related to your life. During this time, handling work related to land and property with the help of a senior person will bring great relief to the mind. This time will also be better in terms of profit in business. There may be some obstacles in love relationships or marriage of unmarried people.


Ganesha says Gemini people will get new opportunities in business at the beginning of the week. If you have been trying for employment for a long time, you will get better opportunities to advance your career. There will be better relations with seniors. Those employed may get the desired promotion or transfer to their desired place. This will increase your honor and reputation. Additional sources of income will be created. You will be successful in completing all your pending tasks through your speech and behavior. Marriage of unmarried people can be fixed. There will be intensity in love relationships. Family happiness will be excellent. You can go on a long-distance journey with your spouse. You may hear good news from your children’s side by the weekend.


Ganesha says the beginning of the week will bring auspiciousness and good fortune for Cancer. Long pending work will be completed with the help of an influential person. If you have taken any loan then there are chances of repaying it also. There will be opportunities to expand the business. With the help of friends, you will get involved in some scheme which will create possibilities of profit in the future. It can be said to be very favorable from the point of view of family happiness. You will get full support from family members while making any major decision related to the family. Everyone will praise your decision. Auspicious work will be completed at home. Students preparing for competitive exams can achieve great success. This time will prove to be very auspicious for expanding business. Love relationships can deepen and turn into marriage. Married life will remain happy.


Ganesha says at the beginning of the week, avoid trusting others to take responsibility for any work, otherwise, you may have to face problems later. If you are successful in balancing your energy and time, then all your planned tasks will be completed. While solving any family problem, avoid ignoring the feelings of your relatives. Midweek will look a little better. During this time, you will be able to do your work easily. If you do business in partnership, you will be happy with the good support from your partner. You will get support from both seniors and juniors in the workplace. If you were worried about your health for some time, you will see improvement in that too. Love relationships will deepen. Will spend better time with spouse. Long or short-distance travel with your spouse is possible.


Ganesha says the beginning of the week will be mixed for Virgo people. Any major problem related to the family will become a major cause of your mental troubles. During this time, in some cases, your relatives will also seem distant from you, due to which you may feel hurt. However, this situation will not last long and as soon as the misunderstandings are cleared, you will start getting along with everyone. During this period, the time is auspicious for any plan or for taking the business forward. However, while doing this, do not forget to take the opinion of your well-wishers. During this period, if there is good profit in business, you will recover from old losses or debts, etc. The new generation will spend most of their time having fun. In your love relationship, move forward thoughtfully and avoid making any major decisions under the influence of emotions. Married life will remain happy. You may remain a little worried about your spouse’s health.


Ganesha says you will feel lonely at times at the beginning of the week. Your decision-making power will appear weak. While doing any work you will find yourself in a state of confusion. In such a situation, instead of taking any major decision, it would be better to postpone it further. Some things in your personal life can become a big cause of your worry. If the problem is related to your spouse, then try to solve it politely and avoid making big decisions in anger. In order to get current profit in business, keep in mind the loss in the future. Otherwise, you may have to repent later. Proceed with caution in love relationships. Avoid ignoring your spouse’s feelings.


Ganesha says will not stay at any one place at the beginning of the week. Sometimes you will be seen concentrating on one task and sometimes on some other task. If you find yourself confused while doing any work, then do not hesitate to take advice from your well-wishers. Those in employment may suddenly get a transfer or some additional responsibility. In the present time, whatever responsibility you get to fulfill, you should try to fulfill it in a better way. In the mid-week, you will be more interested in religious and social work. During this time, you can also go on a pilgrimage with your family. Time is more auspicious from the point of view of profit in business. Love relationships will be normal and you will spend happy moments with your spouse and long or short distance travel with them is possible.


Ganesha says you will get new opportunities for progress in employment. Whatever direction you try with full concentration, you will get auspicious results in it. There will be desired profit in business. Additional sources of income will be created. You may meet a loved one in mid-week. Those who are already in a love relationship, their relationship will become stronger. On the other hand, if you were thinking of proposing your love to someone, then your decision will be fulfilled by doing so. A female friend will help you in making your love life easier. Married life will remain happy and you will get opportunities to spend happy moments with family.


Ganesha says the beginning of the week will be mixed for Capricorn people. While you will get income from various sources, you will also spend a lot of money on luxuries home repairs, etc. Those who are in politics or are thinking of trying their luck in politics should think carefully before taking any big step. There is a need to keep the employees in touch with their seniors. While investing money in business, definitely take advice from well-wishers. Be very careful while joking with someone, otherwise, your opponents may misinterpret what you say. Be honest with your spouse in a love relationship, otherwise, the relationships you have built may also break. To make married life happy, do not ignore your spouse’s feelings.


Ganesha says at the beginning of the week, you need to be very careful about your known and unknown enemies. You may feel a little sad due to not getting help from colleagues in the middle of the week. Students preparing for general and competitive examinations will need more hard work for success. may suddenly come up, in solving which the role of a senior will prove to be very helpful. In business, you may face a tough challenge from your opponent. Take special care of your belongings and health during travel. Resolve issues related to love relationships with caution. Your spouse’s health will remain a matter of concern for you.


Ganesha says you may have to travel long or short distances at the beginning of the week. The journey will prove pleasant and profitable. There will be an atmosphere of happiness in the middle of the week due to the arrival of a loved one in the house. Picnic with family or trip to some recreational place is possible. There will be additional sources of income for those in employment. You will get full support from both seniors and juniors in the workplace. You may hear some good news related to children during the weekend. Misunderstandings arising in love relationships will be resolved and there is a possibility of a good rapport with your spouse. Married life will remain happy.

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