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Numerology Predictions, December 6: What does your lucky number say about you? Check here

Check out how this day will turn out by learning what your birth number is and what the universe has in store for your birth number.

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By Dr Raahul Singh
By Dr Raahul Singh

How to know your Birth number

To know what is your birth number, look at your date of birth, like if your date of birth is 12, then you get 3 by adding 1 and 2 of 12th date and this number 3 is your birth number. Let us know how your day will be today from your birth number.

Birth Number 1: Today, people with number one number should maintain patience. There will be ups and downs in the mind, keep your emotions under control only then you can achieve your goal and you will have a good day at job, you will get full support from the family. The decision in real estate matters will be in your favor. A new love affair may begin.

Birth Number 2 : Hope and disappointment will keep arising in the mind. But you do not need to be sad, you will get success in your goal, you may get promotion in the field of job and business as well as there may be a change in your place. Your elder brother may need your financial help. Today you will get success in trying for a new job.

Birth Number 3: Today, people with birth number 3 should pay special attention to the health of their parents and control their speech, today may be your day of running around here and there , t Your good words will make your work and will create sweet thoughts in love relationship, if you are a student the day will be very good for you. Relationship with spouse will be sweet. There is a possibility of profit from share market.

Birth Number 4 : The day will be full of enthusiasm and you will get good news, your mind will be happy, your confidence will be full, today you may have a long journey either due to studies or due to business or job, you may stay away from family today, There will be some new project and financial benefits in your basket with the support of a friend.. You can purchase a new vehicle.

Birth Number 5 : You will get a lot of support from seniors at your workplace and today will be an enthusiastic day, there will be a lot of growth in business, new opportunities will be available in the field of music and arts. Your spouse will be impressed by your honesty and your love will increase like in the initial days. Ear related problems will be cured.

Birth Number 6 : Today can be a busy day due to intellectual, religious or educational work and you can gradually reduce old addictions. Today you will get respect in the society and there is a possibility of higher expenses, your day will be auspicious. You will receive some outstanding money, move ahead with slow speed in your love relationship. Your spouse will have a feeling of dedication towards you.

Birth Number 7 : Today, thoughts of both negative and positive emotions will arise in your mind, but you should avoid anger and have faith in your work, plan to meet your relatives and focus on your health, profit in business and your success in job is indicated. You will get respect from seniors; your day will be auspicious.

Birth Number 8 : People with birth number 8 will have a great day and there may be good news for the candidates, you will get lot of support from your life partner . Family will always be there for you , today will be a good day for you for auspicious work . You may meet an old friend. Worries related to mother's health will end.

Birth Number 9: Today, strange and pleasant thoughts will keep arising in the mind of the people with birth number 9, good news may come from your son's side, closeness with each other will increase in love relationship, there is a possibility of financial gain. You will get a lot of support from your seniors at your work level and your day will be good and auspicious. There is a possibility of purchase of immovable property , your health will be better.

Dr. Raahul Singh is the founder of Your Astro Speak and has pronounced many accurate predictions related to Bollywood, Sports, Politics, Economy etc. 

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