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Numerology: How Will You Spend Your Day? Know By Your Birth Number

Check out how this day will turn out by learning what your birth number is and what the universe has in store for your birth number.

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By Dr Raahul Singh
By Dr Raahul Singh

How to know your Birth number

To know what is your birth number, look at your date of birth, like if your date of birth is 12, then you get 3 by adding 1 and 2 of 12th date and this number 3 is your birth number. Let us know how your day will be today from your birth number.

Birth Number 1: Today will be a day of great struggle for you, in the end you will get success after the struggle. Today you will be able to make even the spoiled work better through your speech. You will use sweet language more. There are some concerns related to children for the people with Birth Number 1. It is possible that there will be slight chances of poor health of children but there is nothing to worry about, today will be a good day for the students and they will get success in competitive exams.

Birth Number 2: Today will be a day of stress and mild anxiety for you. There is no need to worry too much about anything. You may get a little worried imaginary. In the end, the result will be in your favor. In terms of health, there will be minor problems related to the stomach. The old one has stopped. You will get money today, you may meet an old friend, you will develop a very good relationship with your boss in the office, any old pending work will also be completed today.

Birth Number 3: Birth Number three will be very good for businessmen. You can get a new work order today. There are chances of getting all the old pending work done today. You can also get a chance to go to a picnic spot etc. Overall, today is a great and wonderful time for people with number number three. You will have a good atmosphere at home today, you will have a cordial and romantic relationship with your partner, you may also spend some money on luxury resources at home. Overall, today is a very good day for you.

Birth Number 4: You may get an offer for a new job. Those who are unemployed will get good news. People in jobs will also get information about a good appraisal or an excellent relationship with their respective boss. Good commitment will increase. Your respect and honor will increase today. You will complete the work very well. Today your mother's health may deteriorate, hence be a little careful about your mother's health regarding things related to cold.

Birth Number 5: You will get success in education competition. You will get the benefit of love romance. A new relationship will start in old broken relationships. You can go somewhere far away for a walk with your partner. For working people, there may be some difference of opinion with their respective officials. They may also have to face differences with the government authority. You may have to face differences of opinion with your father and elders at home, but there will be no special harm. There is a need to be careful in eating habits too.

Birth Number 6: You will have to face unnecessary expenses. Some of your travels will be tiring and unprofitable. Avoid traveling today as much as possible. If you want to start any new work related to production, today is a very good day for that. Today will be a good day for those who do business related to the stock market. Today will be a great and wonderful day for those who have business related to event management or any work related to fashion, film, cinema.

Birth Number 7: Today will be a great day for people related to higher education. Those who do any kind of research work will get success in their specialty. There are chances of success in any research work that has been done for a long time. Those who have not completed any project. There will be full chances of its completion today. A new relationship may start today. There will be a possibility of going out somewhere with your partner. Overall, today is going to be a great and wonderful day for people with number seven.

Birth Number 8: Today will be a good day for those who are in defense related jobs. They will get some special kind of respect. People doing administrative work will also have good relations with their respective officers. You will get a good comment to become something in the future. You can also get the benefit of a special post. Today is going to be a very good day for those who do international importer export business. There will be all kinds of happiness and the family atmosphere will also be wonderful.

Birth Number 9: People associated with government schemes will get a lot of benefits. Those who are associated with government schemes by forming a private company will get new business orders. They will receive old pending money. They will get support in all government related work. Today is the time for you to control your anger. Otherwise you may have to face minor losses. You will have a very good and cordial relationship with your father. You may also have some work related to land and house. You may not be able to buy land or may look at buying it in the future. Today will be a good day for you.

Dr Raahul Singh is the founder of Your Astro Speak, he excels in Palmistry, Astrology, and Numerology. He has made many accurate predictions related to Bollywood, Sports, Politics, Economy etc.

First published on: Dec 08, 2023 06:00 AM IST

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