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Empower Your Gold Purchase: BIS Care App Ensures Purity With Real-Time Verification

Want to check the purity of gold you're purchasing? 'BIS Care App' is especially designed to assist gold buyers do that. Check how.

Edited By : Malika Sahni | Updated: Nov 10, 2023 11:12 IST
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As Dhanteras marks the onset of the upcoming wedding season, many of us are inclined to purchase gold. However, the concern about the purity of the jewellery often lingers. Addressing this apprehension, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) offers a solution in the form of the ‘BIS Care App.’ Designed to assist gold buyers, this app aids in tracking all ISI and hallmark-certified gold and silver jewellery.

The ‘BIS Care’ app provides customers with real-time verification of the purity of hallmarked gold jewellery. It is accessible to both Android and Apple iPhone users. To download the app, visit the respective app stores – Google Play Store for Android and Apple App Store for iPhone. Garnering a commendable 4-star rating on both platforms, the app ensures a user-friendly experience.

To alleviate concerns about the authenticity of purchased gold jewellery, the app introduces the ‘Verify HUID feature.’ This feature empowers consumers to confirm the legitimacy of gold items by entering the Hallmark Unique Identification number (HUID). The hallmarking of gold jewellery is permissible in six categories: 14K, 18K, 20K, 22K, 23K, and 24K, as per BIS website FAQs.

The app’s description on Google Play Store highlights its utility as a tool to verify the authenticity of an ISI mark, Hallmark, and CRS Registration marks on any item. By entering the license number, HUID number, or registration number, users can obtain relevant details such as the manufacturer’s name and address, license or registration validity, covered varieties, included brands, the current status of the license or registration, and the purity of the jewellery article.

To utilize the BIS Care app effectively, users need to register on the platform. Once registered, they can:

– Check the authenticity of marked products using ‘Verify License Details.’

– Verify the authenticity of hallmarked jewellery items with the HUID number using ‘Verify HUID’ (Hallmark Unique Identification number). Note that the HUID code may not be mandatory on the bill, requiring confirmation from the purchasing store.

– Access ‘Know your Standards’ for information on any Indian standard, licenses against it, and laboratories associated with the product.

Empowering consumers with information and assurance, the ‘BIS Care App’ emerges as a valuable tool in ensuring the authenticity and quality of ISI and hallmark-certified products.

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First published on: Nov 10, 2023 11:12 AM IST

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