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Women’s Reservation: Perfect Booster For Today, Controversy For Tomorrow?

Women have been marginalized in our country for a long time. They continued to be treated with second-class status. However, positive changes...

Edited By : Abhishek Mehrotra | Updated: Oct 10, 2023 20:49 IST
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In the election year, two big developments happened regarding women’s reservation. First, the historic Women’s Reservation Bill was approved in the Parliament. Secondly, in Madhya Pradesh, women got 35% reservation in government jobs, but these two big decisions have also given rise to two big questions. First- Do women really need reservation? Second- Will they really be given the benefits of reservation on a fair basis?

Reservation was started so that no one could deprive the weak and exploited class of its rights. Women have been marginalized in our country for a long time. They continued to be treated with second-class status. However, positive changes have been seen in the last few years. The status of women has also improved, but this improvement needs more push. Reservation can be helpful in this considering when this right is granted to women with utmost sincerity.

Increase in number of women bosses

Women today are keeping pace with men in the race to move ahead. Especially in the private sector, women are setting new dimensions of success every day. In comparison to the world, the number of women working in senior positions in India has increased significantly in the last 5 years. Grant Thornton’s International Business Report released last year shows that between 2017 and 2022, there has been an increase in the number of women who are working in leading roles in Indian companies.

Women working in senior positions were 17% in 2017, which increased to 38% in 2022. If we talk globally, in 2017 there were 25% women bosses across the world, which increased to 32% in 2022, which means India’s figures are more satisfactory. In such a situation, after electoral reservation, women will be able to help change the system of the country, state, or society.

Sarpanch pati, councilor narrate the real situation of women

If the reservation system is implemented sincerely then it can work like a booster dose for women. Till now, the lack of fair play in the system of reservation at different levels is evident. Just look around, from Assembly to Municipality, seats are reserved for women in elections, they fight and win these seats, but how much do they win in this victory? Titles like Sarpanch Pati, Councilor Pati are enough to tell the reality.

The same has been shown in the ‘Panchayat’ web series where Neena Gupta plays the role of Sarpanch and Raghuveer Yadav plays Sarpanch’s husband. Its story reflects what the women sitting on the reservation chair have to face. The Sarpanch is certainly vocal about her rights in the series, but in real life it is difficult to do so. Therefore, it is important to ensure the honest implementation of this system.

Today, for women to move forward, along with reservation, they also need cooperation and support from the general public as well as the special class, so that reservation does not remain just a game. Today women are making Mission Moon successful as ISRO scientists. As the President, she is showing a new path to the country, hence along with the reservation system, she should be given full respect and her rights.

First published on: Oct 10, 2023 08:49 PM IST

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