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‘Your Hairstyle Reveals Your True Personality Traits’, Haircare Tips by Shahnaz Husain

Beauty expert, Shahaz Husain shares best Hair remedies that may help thicken thin hair and promote healthy locks.

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Shahnaz Husain
Shahnaz Husain

There is no doubt that the hair can do a great deal, not only to the face but to the entire personality. The way it is worn makes a tremendous difference in its overall appearance.  In fact, finding the right hairstyle is probably the first step to good grooming, for it goes a long way in creating an impression of better balance and bringing about a sense of harmony in the whole personality.

Actually, the hair and the way it is worn reveal a lot about the personality. Over the years, the hair symbolized various virtues. For instance, judges used to wear long white-haired wigs because it stood for wisdom. Our hair makes a great difference to our mood and the way we feel awful when we have “bad hair days”! A hairstyle that suits and makes us look better makes us feel good, giving us self-esteem and confidence. No wonder we spend so much time grooming the hair, getting the right haircuts and styles. We also keep an eye on the latest trends.

According to psychology experts, the hairstyle says a great deal about the personality. For instance, curly hair is associated with a person who is energetic and likes fun, while a person with straight hair is said to be “calm and elegant.” Similarly, if you like putting your hair up into a bun or French roll, it makes you look efficient and like someone who is comfortable in the office environment.

The high ponytail, which is so trendy nowadays, imparts the personality of a person with high energy. On the other hand, long hair with waves at the ends, which is also trendy, gives you the look of a person with self-confidence. According to author and philosopher Alain de Botton, someone wearing the hair with a side parting means that they are conveying the look of a person who is “careful, modest, patient, sensible, and very willing to be realistic. They can be relied upon.” In fact, a side parting, with a fall of hair at the temples and the rest coming down and curling forward at the jaw line, gives a softening effect to the face and the personality. Hair colour also reveals aspects of the personality. If you have brown hair, you seem to be a “smart and sophisticated” person. Blond hair, on the other hand, means that you are a warm-hearted person and also love having fun.

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Here are a few tips on grooming the hair according to the shape of your face and texture of your hair, which may increase self-esteem and self-confidence. There are a few basic rules to follow, which allow you to choose a style that is suited to your facial features, bone structure and hair texture. A good haircut is extremely important for short styles, especially if the hair is thin and fine. Thin hair lacks body and bounce and tends to “pull down” the face. It should be cut in a way which adds fullness, like a layered cut. Similarly, thick, curly hair can be made to look less overpowering with the right haircut. The rules for hair grooming basically follow the principles of proportion and the main idea is to bring a better balance to the features. A hair-cut usually lasts for about six weeks, after which stray hairs may be visible and the hair loses its style.

Where the personality is concerned, short, bobbed hair reveals that you are confident to try out new things to improve your prospects. For working women, short hair gives a look of efficiency and professionalism. According to a hairstylist, “Having short hair saves you time from long hours of drying and styling. This style is basically wash-and-wear. And that’s how you like things done–quick and organized.”

All said and done, I feel that these perceptions about hairstyle and what it reveals about the personality, may not always be accurate. After all, personal choices and opinions also matter. Indeed, your personality is so much more complex than your hairstyle.

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