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While the world loves Black clothing, there is always a stereotype attached to the colour, which did not derail Akshay from creating the brand. In fact, he claims this to be one of the reasons he intends to stay true to his brand, to not just make sales but to break stereotypes. For a majority, […]

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The Black Lover

While the world loves Black clothing, there is always a stereotype attached to the colour, which did not derail Akshay from creating the brand. In fact, he claims this to be one of the reasons he intends to stay true to his brand, to not just make sales but to break stereotypes.

For a majority, black is inauspicious and can’t be worn on good days, it is a symbol of darkness. Why do we then wear black during the graduation ceremony to celebrate education? Why do judges and attorneys wear a black coat during a judicial proceeding? Why do people in authority wear and ride in black? Ever thought of it- he questions??

Nestling in the heart of Bihar is Purnia, where the concept of start-ups is not the most eminent. But that does not stop the ones with a heart of passion and an unwavering nerve. Akshay Kumar, the founder of TheBlackLover, is the one who possesses both these qualities and defied all the odds to establish a name for himself in a business that is often inhabited by celebrities or fashion icons.

But, as they say- when you dream big in life, you have to fight in all your capacity to live it!

This is the journey of one such dreamer who became an achiever- Akshay Kumar, the startup owner of TheBlackLover, a one-stop destination for everything black you can ever want.

Starting in his tryst with owing a brand and scaling it to a magnanimous magnitude, the very humble Akshay began living his dream at a time when the pandemic had crumbled the world.

What difference is TheBlackLover creating in the fashion arcade

TheBlackLover makes fashion accessible to everyone. The brand offers its customers the delight of finding items that resonate with their personalities.

Black may be a colour representing some conventional thoughts but despite that, it shows elegance. It stands for victory, authority, power, and grace. It is one colour that makes any person irrespective of race and age look smart and sharp. Black enhances your confidence for that interview or a date night. You name an occasion and black will only increase your appearance and presence there.

From the colour that stood the test of time to the colour that made the face of a brand- Black has always been Akshay’s colour!

His belief in TheBlackLover resonates through the solid, new account in fashion, one that lifts all outflows of independence. What commenced as a belief of every person being distinctly wonderful with a mutual admiration for black, he wanted to be an accomplice in their voyage to discover and improve it through shades of black.

The Backstory

Akshay hails from the western edge of the Ganga, in the city of Purnia. He was born to a hardworking doctor mother and a government sector serving father. Akshay was sent to boarding school in DPS, Siliguri at the age of 8. It was here where he nurtured his interest in competitive sports, mostly cricket playing for the Cricket Association of Bengal, besides having a natural knack for academics. Akshay was a born achiever in whatever he lay his hands on, which reflected in his academic grades throughout.

However, things turned different when he came to Delhi for his 12th board exams. Health issues combined with the uncertainty of what lies ahead in career took a toll on not just his academics but sports passion too.

However, Akshay was always fascinated by how his heart had all the answers, instead of following his parent’s suggestion of pursuing engineering, he instead took admission in BBA in international business with Amity University. This, he mentions paid off really well. While some might raise their eyebrows over how Amity is not what it proposes to the world, for Akshay the course included the best diverse experience from Singapore and Melbourne and gave him the learnings of a lifetime.

In fact, he credits his success to his mentors from Amity University, especially Dr Kshamta Chauhan and Mrs Aastha Gupta, who had a huge influencing role to play in his journey. So much so was the impact that upon completing his degree in 2018, he grabbed an opportunity with NIIT Limited and garnered promotion with RNF technologies in a short span, however, the learnings from his alma mater kept him on his toes for something of his own.

With the culmination of corporate experience with a diverse understanding of business through his degree, he knew something bigger awaited him. This was when Akshay left his cocoon of a full-time job, to carve a path for himself in the business world with his brainchild- TheBlackLover.

The idea hit him at the square when he realized his identity had become synonymous with the colour black. Black for Akshay is not a colour of the night, but the colour that amalgamates all the other hues brightens any event and assuages even the most tired soul. He realised over time that people were only watching him in Black clothes and accessories and felt, why not bring this love for black into my career passion- and hence TheBlackLover was born.

What began as a mere idea, a bunch of friends motivating him to pursue the thought and passion, dedication and unrelenting desire towards the goal that led him to the success that he is today.

To this day, his brand has got approval from the biggest e-commerce website: Myntra, Amazon and Ajio Fashion. TheBlackLover is also going international with its first store in Dubai in the coming months.

With all the achievements his way, Akshay is still hungry for learning and is pursuing his MBA in International Business from Amity International Business School,Noida.

Having said that, you know where to stock your next All-Black look for your closet, need we say more!

His Goal is simple and attainable- Dream Big and Never Give Up on your Goals!

First published on: Jul 24, 2022 11:10 AM IST

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