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The Top Knot Salon, your new age luxurious, self-care haven!

Founded in 2020, The Top Knot is an innovative confluence in the field of wellness and beauty. Offering a research-informed rejuvenation, The Top Knot as such has been leading Lucknow’s personal care service industry. The Top Knot stands for revolutionizing the salon experience by blending research with the current trends to deliver results of prime quality.

The Top Knot works under the flair of Mrs Sneha Charan and Mrs Shama Vig. With an ardour to deliver a profuse salon service, Mrs Sneha Charan, a renowned artist cum entrepreneur, endorses a salon experience that is grounded in a therapeutic approach. Accompanying her in this endeavor is her mother and co founder, Mrs. Shama Vig. Flaunting research of more than twenty years she aspires to redefine the tenets of beauty to incorporate holistic principles into the grooming services offered at the salon.

The bespoke salon space is domestically acclaimed for all sorts of personal care services, for both men and women including the latest haircuts, skin treatments, body polishing, detan, and exfoliation services. The Top Knot’s services range from professional makeup to personal care hygiene, all under one roof. Spread across six branches in Lucknow and Kanpur, The Top Knot seeks to create a space where no efforts are spared to deliver to the needs of their clientele.

Top Knot’s Vision:

With an aim to deliver a premium quality salon experience, the grooming haven as such grounds research with skills in executions. Driven by a therapeutic and self-care-oriented philosophy, Mrs. Sneha Charan is committed to changing the face of grooming services.

With The Top Knot Salons, my aim is to address two problems in the industry- Firstly, to offer all services under one roof so that the customer doesn’t have to go to different places for different grooming services. And secondly, to create a salon that doesn’t feel like one. I want customers to feel comfortable, cozy, pampered, and happy when they are here

-Mrs. Sneha Charan

The Top Knot Salon as such is a horizon where the exuberant services with attention to detail,  and rigor meets luxury, in a ritzy setting. The Top Knot strives to create a calming space, with interiors designed to regale one’s senses in order to provide a sense of comfort. With a team of highly skilled professionals and experts, The Top Knot aims to reform the idea of beauty.

Unique services offered at The Top Knot:

The Top Knot has been cutting edges in terms of skin aesthetic treatments. Being a haven for a vibrant range of services offered such as PRP Treatments, the exalting Meso Botox execution, Collagen Boosters, and Thread Lifting, The Top Knot is committed to offering a research-backed niche in a field that is only picking up momentum in the country.

All skin aesthetic workings are conducted under the guidance of renowned dermatologists and are done with the utmost care by professionals and experts at The Top Knot. The Top Knot has specific spaces designated for all skin aesthetic procedures, equipped with all the latest tools and technology to bear fruitful results, making the salon the most coveted and trusted place in terms of skin aesthetics related executions.

Top Knot’s Goals for 2023:

The Top Knot aspires to take the baton of redefining the salon experience further into new exuberant settings. The efforts towards creating a calming space that’s brimming with research to blend in newer trends would double in the following year. Salon experience is a therapeutic affair according to Mrs. Sneha Charan and so for the upcoming year the salon intends to incorporate the best amenities, services for a deep holistic and rejuvenating experience.

The Top Knot also aims to create more spaces in the future designed to give their clientele a luxurious rejuvenation, embodying all their therapeutic and self care oriented principles and ethos. The Top Knot aims to set up more salons, in the future, that would help them ground their ardor and adroitness for holistic wellness in sophisticated settings. With the launch and success of their newest sister branch Ashiyana, a glamourous retreat, the extension of the idea of The Top Knot in new forms is the way forward.

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