Navratri 2023: Tips to make perfect Singhare Ki Poori

Navratri 2023: The year 2023 will soon mark Chaitra Navratri. The nine-day Hindu holiday of Navratri is observed in several states across the nation. Chaitra Navratri, which this year falls between March and April, begins on March 22 and lasts until March 30. People worship the nine incarnations of the goddess Durga during Navratri, and those who follow the fast do so with complete devotion. They eat sattvic foods devoid of garlic and onions throughout this time.

We have provided the full recipe for Singhanre aata poori if you are considering fasting this time around and want to do something special.

How to make perfect Singhare Ki Poori

During the Navaratri fast, Singhare Aate Ki Poori is a well-liked meal. Yet, due to the flour’s special characteristics, preparing excellent pooris with singhara flour can be a little difficult. The following advice will enable you to prepare flawless singhara aate ki pooris:

  1. Use Mashed Potatoes for Binding

Mashed potatoes are one of the primary components of singhara aate ki poori. It provides the essential binding for the flour, facilitating the rolling and frying of the poori dough.

2. Use Less Water

If you use too much water, the dough may get sticky and be difficult to roll into a poori. Thus, it’s imperative to knead the dough with less water.

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3. Knead the Dough well

To make the best singhara aate ki poori, the dough must be well kneaded. To ensure that the flour and potatoes are properly combined, make sure to thoroughly knead the dough.

  1. Mix Flour Well with Potatoes

Try thoroughly kneading the flour by combining it with mashed potatoes to make sure that less water is used in the batter. This will improve the poori’s flavour and give it a crisp texture.

5.  Singhara Flour must be kneaded hard

In order to achieve the ideal consistency for the poori, Singhara flour must be vigorously mixed. To ensure that the dough has the proper texture, thoroughly knead the flour.

  1. Rest the Dough

The dough should rest for 10 minutes after being kneaded. This is necessary to prevent pooris from cracking.

  1. Roll Pooris Lightly

To make sure that the pooris puff up when they are fried, the rolling must be done with gentle hands. The dough should be rolled out and fried until crispy and light brown using a rolling pin.

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