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Kitchen Tips: Try this hack to increase the shelf life of Garlic

Kitchen Tips: Garlic is high in vitamin C, K, folate, niacin, and thiamine. We keep a bunch of garlic in stock because of its versatility. However, preserving garlic at home might be difficult. If there is one ingredient that can quickly improve the flavour of your food, it has to be garlic. Nothing beats garlic, and we can attest to that. It may improve the flavour of everything, from various types of dips to pickles, curries, and more. Garlic has been demonstrated to deliver significant health advantages in addition to bringing a strong flavour to foods.

After a particular period of time, stored garlic begins to rot and eventually molds due to bacterial growth. Don’t be concerned! Garlic can be stored in a variety of ways to extend its shelf life. Pickling, vinegar fermentation, and other methods are examples.

To add to the list here is one of the simplest ways to keep garlic without sacrificing its flavour. We discovered this intriguing hack when hunting for new ways to keep garlic. Watch the entire video below.

Watch this Kitchen Tips to Prolong Shelf Life of Garlic

Steps To Store Garlic To Increase Its Shelf Life

  • To begin, take the garlic cloves from the bunch and peel each clove individually.
  • After that, combine them in a large blender. (Remember not to add water while mixing.)
  • The garlic cloves should next be blended until they form a homogeneous and consistent paste.
  • Once the paste is complete, fill each section of an ice tray with the prepared garlic mixture.
  • Place the tray in the freezer to chill.
  • Take it out anytime you need it.

Tip: While mixing the garlic, you can also add fresh herbs. This is done to bring out the flavours in the mixture.

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