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Relieve Back Pain, Strengthen Core and Improve Your Posture – All with Yoga for Back Pain Relief

Discover the joys of a life with no more holding onto your back with those excruciating back pains. Yoga is at your disposal to get you that much-deserved life free of all the pains that trouble your back and spine

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Yoga for Back Pain Relief
Yoga Asanas for Back Pain Relief

Today most people suffer from some pain or the other. It mostly affects the back and spine. The pain is sometimes unbearable and leads to a person getting bedridden for some time till it alleviates. Here we will learn about some of the yoga poses for back pain relief.

A Few Common Back Pain Relief Yoga Postures

Have you ever suffered back pain at some point in your life? If you have, you must know full well by now that yoga is referred to as one of the most common modes of treatment that might be suggested for you. So read on to know some of the best yogic postures for back pain relief for beginners.

1. Cobra Pose or Bhujangasana

It is one of those poses that stretch the muscles on the shoulders, chest and abdomen. It also relieves the tension that is present in these places. Cobra pose is as effective in relieving a person of pain in the lower back and legs. Initially, the pose may not be comfortable with pain in the arms with them getting tired. However, with repeated practice, there definitely will be relief. It has to be continued with patience for 5-10 counts every time. To begin, you must:

  •         Lie face down on the mat with arms placed by the shoulders
  •         Ensure the hips are relaxed and bringing the feet together, the upper body is raised supported by the arms
  •         It must be remembered that the arms should be kept as straight as possible
  •         Continue this 5 times for best effects

2. Child’s Pose or Balasana

Balasana helps to very mildly and gently stretch the middle and lower back muscles. It is effective for the upper back, neck and lower back. It should be done by relaxing the back with every breath taken and position should be held for 30 seconds every time. To do it, you must:

  •         Place all four limbs on the mat with the arms fixed firmly on the ground and feet relaxed
  •         Gradually sit on the feet while slowly stretching the arms forward
  •         The arms should be stretched further in the same position with the back relaxed

3. Cat-Camel Pose

It is best as a warm-up exercise and boosts the mobility of the spine. The cat-camel pose assists in relieving the tension in the upper & lower back and the hips. It is considered to be one of the best yogic postures for relief of back pain. Do it by:

  •         Position the body on the mat on all fours
  •         The knees should be mandatorily placed under the hips with the hands positioned under the shoulders
  •         Release the back till it resembles a camel’s hump with the head moving down
  •         Holding the position for 10 counts, the back should now be made into a cat’s arch where the head and shoulders are pushed up
  •         The position should be held on to for 10 counts

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Yoga to Strengthen the Core

A strong core means a steady and improved posture with boosted spinal health. That apart, strong also means the ability to execute complicated and advanced yogic postures. It even enhances balance, agility and keeps the body in better control. Here are a few poses that might help:

  • Boat pose helps to develop the core strength and improve stability and mobility
  • Dolphin plank pose is a modified version of the standard plank pose that tones and makes the core muscles, arms and thighs strong. It also makes the body balance strong and straight
  • Wheel pose is one that targets the core muscles and entire back. It also helps to open up the chest, shoulders and hips and aids in counteracting the effects of sitting for prolonged hours

Yoga for a Perfect Posture

Posture tells a lot about a man. With the perfect and correct posture, a person can work his way at length. He is bound to create a long and lasting impression on the other side. So here are some yoga postures for creating that impactful image:

  • Gentle yoga improves flexibility and brings mental relaxation. It also makes the muscles strong without causing strain and stress on them.
  • Hatha yoga increases flexibility and body strength. Breathing exercises and meditation are its mode of execution. They also help to cut down on stress, back pain and aids in injury prevention.
  • Iyengar yoga helps to rectify the wrong alignment and augments postural mindfulness and physical awareness. The hold times help to build flexibility and strength.

Dive deep into yoga and experience the goodness that it gives to your life.

First published on: Apr 12, 2024 12:38 PM IST

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