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Gym Workouts To Outdoor Activities: A Radical Shift In Fitness Awareness

Fitness trends in India have witnessed massive upheavals in recent times with the shift from gym workouts to engaging in diverse outdoor activities. The flagstone of all activities remains yoga, a masterpiece in itself. It remains at the forefront for its comprehensive benefits mentally, physically and spiritually. It has been witnessed that there has been a spike in outdoor activities like group sports, hiking and cycling. This reflects a growing focus on outdoor activities that are nature-oriented.

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Fitness Trends in India

Indians today have realised the need to embrace nature in their fitness journey. They feel it is the most wonderful way to become healthy and fit. This is the reason why such a colossal shift in trends has been observed. This trend is constantly on the upward move because people have realised that staying fit is the ultimate overall well-being. In this article we will read the reasons for such trending changes.

Working Out In Gymnasiums – Benefits And Drawbacks

Working out in the gym means taking it easy while still a beginner. Though it might feel tempting to try out all the equipment there and try losing weight very fast, that is a very big no. Things should be gradual and slow. As a beginner, the following can be done:

  • weightlifting
  • cardio exercises
  • HIIT 
  • crossfit 
  • yoga classes 

Engaging a personal trainer could also be another option and that happens to be a good way, because not everybody is the same, nor does everyone require the same exercise regime. So look out for a trainer to guide and train properly. 

Working out in gyms also has a darker side to it. The membership becomes high, working out in crowded environments often ends up causing more harm than good. Attention of the trainer is also vital, most often they have their hands too full and this causes problems. A fixed routine and timing is also another setback here.

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Outdoor Activities – Their Pros And Cons

Working outdoors is actually more fun than hitting the gym. Staying close to nature while working out is relaxing and pleasurable and can be achieved by: 

  • hiking
  • swimming
  • recreational activities
  • roller skating
  • biking
  • rowing  
  • outdoor yoga. 

For this a lot of self-motivation is required. Talking about its drawbacks, another one of them is the lack of a personal trainer which might lead to problems.

On the brighter side, it is a refreshing change from gymnasium workouts. Most Indians prefer to work outdoors today. This is probably because of their cooped up lifestyle working 9-5 jobs. Thus this is another good way of getting plenty of fresh air and oxygen. Outdoor exercises help to boost brainpower, keep away diseases & stress, improves appetite and accelerates immunity and confidence. 

Working outdoors is beneficial because working in the sunshine helps in many ways. Vitamin D is the main factor here. A variety of ways of working outdoors allows for better exercising and uplifted mood conditions which is the way to a healthy mind and body. With so many feeling comfortable outdoors, it is easily observed that the trend in the Indian way of working out is taking a turn for the newer and modern approaches.

Exploring With The Most Recommended Workouts As Per Trend

With the onset of another new year, here is a list of some of the most recommended workout as per trend that can be carried outdoors:

  • Technology-driven workouts – This is done using modern apps and gadgets which offer personalised experiences.
  • High-intensity interval training – Here the person involved does high-intensity exercises in short bursts followed by a brief spell of rest.With as little as 20-30 minutes everyday, it can immensely boost immunity and improve cardiovascular health.
  • Functional fitness – It involves squats, planks and lunges which activates many muscle groups enhancing overall fitness.
  • Dance fitness – The most common form today is zumba and hip-hop. They make exercising fun and energy-filled ways to reduce and stay fit.
  • Outdoor activities – It could be walking, hiking, trailing, running, cycling, rowing and many more. They help people to workout by staying close to nature.
  • Mind-body practices – This includes yoga, tai chi and pilates. They help people with overall development both of body and mind. Even the spirit becomes rejuvenated making people ready to take on the challenges and difficulties of everyday life smoothly.

Some of these activities are best carried out in gyms while some can be done outdoors. There are still some that can be done in a hybrid mode, that is both in gyms and outdoors.

Tips On Staying Healthy

All said and done, nothing is effective unless you follow a strict exercise regime with utmost consistency. The goals should be realistic and do what attracts and motivates you most. If these few tips are followed, there will be a perfect and healthy balance struck between body, mind and spirit.


The fitness scenario is undergoing massive changes and it is evolving. A shift in trend from gymnasium workouts to outdoor activities reflects the awareness that is building up in Indians towards a holistic well-being. They are now leaning more towards dynamic fitness regimes rather than the conventional closed-door fitness schedules.

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First published on: May 14, 2024 11:22 AM IST

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