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Common mistakes to avoid when having Fruits

New Delhi: Eating fruits is a great way to get the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs. But did you know that common mistakes can actually diminish the nutritional value of your fruit?

Yes, according to experts, many people consume fruits in the wrong manner. This may cause more harm than good. Here we have got a list of mistakes we generally make while eating fruits. Check it out!

Combining fruit with anything else

Fruit decomposes more quickly than any other food. It can lead to the buildup of amatoxins in the body when mixed with other meals. This is because food pairings might make digestion more difficult. Fruit makes it difficult to absorb nutrients since it must remain in the stomach for as long as the heaviest food takes to digest. The digestive juices start to ferment it, which is typically harmful and increases the risk of disease and other health issues. Therefore, eating it separately is preferred.

Fruits at night time

It is advised to avoid eating anything two to three hours before bed because it interferes with digestion. Fruit fits into this as well. Fruit consumption immediately before bed has a high likelihood of preventing sleep since it boosts energy levels when the body ought to be relaxing and releases a lot of sugar. Our capacity to ingest and absorb nutrients is greatly diminished at night. Fruit consumption late at night could also result in acidity symptoms. Fruit should be eaten as a snack in the evening and no later.

Drinking Water Immediately

Adults and toddlers alike are regularly seen drinking water right away after fruit consumption. After eating fruit with a high water content, such as watermelon, muskmelon, cucumber, orange, and strawberry, drinking water can cause the pH level of the digestive system to get out of equilibrium. This is due to the fact that fruit with a lot of water in it can alter the pH balance by lowering stomach acidity. Experts caution that doing so may cause deadly infections including cholera or diarrhoea.

Avoiding the Skin

The peel is typically the greatest part when it comes to vitamins and antioxidants. For instance, apple peels are rich in fibre, vitamin C, and A. According to study, eating the skin could even help reduce your chances of being obese and developing cancer.

Avoid cutting fruits and consuming them after hours

Avoid cutting fruit and keeping it out or in the fridge for a long time before eating it. Its nutritional value is decreased. These chopped fruits lose their Vitamin C and B complex vitamins when they are heated and exposed to light. You could observe that storing chopped fruits in the refrigerator or packing them in your lunchbox makes the surface brown. Both the texture and the flavour are impacted. Eat your fruit within 20 minutes of peeling or cutting it.


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