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Beat The Heat: Essential Tips To Ensure Your AC Runs Smoothly During The Scorching Summer

Many people rely on their AC to create a comfortable indoor environment, yet they often overlook the importance of a constant temperature.

Edited By : Shashwat Nishant | Updated: May 29, 2024 20:22 IST
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Beat the Heat

Beat the Heat: Tips to Keep Your AC Running Smoothly

As the scorching Indian summer reaches its peak, fans and coolers often fail to provide relief, leaving air conditioners (ACs) as the sole savior for many. However, improper usage can leave your AC malfunctioning or even blowing hot air. To ensure your AC keeps you cool, here are three common mistakes you should avoid.

Inconsistent Temperature Settings

Many people rely on their ACs to create a comfortable indoor environment, yet they often overlook the importance of maintaining a consistent temperature. Constantly adjusting the temperature can harm the efficiency of your AC. According to the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, setting your AC to 24 degrees Celsius can help prolong its lifespan and reduce energy consumption.

Direct Sunlight Exposure

If you’ve placed your window AC unit in a spot where it gets hit directly by the sun, it’s likely to underperform or even break down. The heat from the direct sunlight can cause your AC to work harder, which may lead to hot air being expelled instead of cool air. To prevent this, try positioning your AC unit away from direct sunlight, ensuring it remains in the shade. This small adjustment can lead to a significant improvement in your AC’s performance and longevity.

Frequent On and Off Cycling

We’ve all been there – in an effort to save electricity, we switch the AC on and off frequently. However, this practice is counterproductive. Turning your AC off and on repeatedly puts unnecessary strain on the unit, leading to malfunctions over time. Instead, try keeping your room’s door closed and let the AC run for a while at a constant temperature. Once the room is sufficiently cool, switch to a fan to circulate the air and maintain the cool temperature. This habit will not only save you electricity but also spare your AC from overexertion.

The Summer Struggle: Testimonies from Real People

Mahesh Kumar, a software engineer from Delhi, shares his experience: “During the peak of summer, my AC just stopped cooling the room effectively. After consulting with a technician, I realized that my habit of setting the temperature too low and then high repeatedly was the culprit. I followed his advice and set it to 24 degrees, and now my room cools evenly.”

Similarly, Rekha Singh from Jaipur mentions, “I used to think that placing my window AC in the position where it could catch some breeze was a good idea. It turned out that the direct sunlight was heating it up, making it work less efficiently. Shifting it to a shadier spot made all the difference.”

Professional Tips for Optimal AC Performance

We spoke to Rajiv Mehta, an experienced HVAC technician, for expert tips. “Most AC problems are preventable,” Rajiv says. “Regular maintenance is key. Clean the filters monthly, ensure there’s no obstruction near the outdoor unit, and never underestimate the power of setting the right temperature. People think they save energy by turning the AC off and on, but it actually uses more power in the long run. A constant, moderate setting is best.”

Rajiv also highlights the importance of professional check-ups: “Just like how you wouldn’t skip your car’s service, don’t skip your AC’s service. A professional check-up once a year can catch potential issues early and save you from bigger expenses down the line.”

Keeping Your Cool Without Breaking the Bank

With the rising mercury levels, many households experience a spike in their electricity bills due to extended AC usage. Here are some budget-friendly tips to keep cool without breaking the bank:

  • Use shades or blackout curtains during the hottest parts of the day to keep the sunlight and heat out.
  • Invest in ceiling fans and use them in tandem with your AC. Once the room is cool, switch to fans to maintain the temperature.
  • Cook in the early morning or late evening to avoid generating additional heat in the house during peak temperatures.
  • Consider insulating your home better; insulated walls and roofs can keep the cool air in and the hot air out.

Following these simple steps can help you maintain a cooler home environment while also ensuring that your AC remains in tip-top condition, ready to combat the rising summer temperatures.

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First published on: May 29, 2024 08:00 PM IST

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