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5 Best rainbow colour wall painting ideas for your home

Rainbow colour wall painting ideas: Colors tend to have a big impact on our daily lives. Certain colours have a mood-lifting effect, while others can harm your surroundings, emotions, and even temperament. There is a certain positivity in the colours of the rainbow, and if you incorporate them into your environment, you should feel the energy of these shades in your life.

If you love colour but don’t have a penchant for flashy coloured designs, don’t worry, we have some rainbow mural ideas that are both subtle and effective. 

Here are 5 best rainbow colour wall painting ideas for your home

1. Flow Paint rainbow colour

Take your living room aesthetic to the next level with a flowing rainbow wall. Transform your living room with flowing colour magic. Undefined lines and flowing colours overlap each other, and it is a beautiful work that makes you sigh every time you pass by it. 

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2. Rainbow colours stripe wall for Dining Room

Spice up your dining area with rainbow stripes to create a colourful, cheerful and welcoming space. Use black as the dominant colour on the sides and a rainbow of colours in the middle to create a fun and funky design.

Match the colour of the walls, add a colourful aesthetic like chair covers or luncheon mats, or complete the room decor with one or two plants. The colour scheme is perfect for rooms with plenty of natural light. 

3. Lion Rainbow colours wall

Lions are important in many cultures and are represented in sculptures, paintings and figurines in homes around the world. Buddhists believe that the lion brings prosperity and peace to the home. Italians consider a pair of lions to be a symbol of prestige. The Chinese consider lions to be the protectors of their homeland, protecting them from theft and accidents. You can draw a lion on one of the walls at the entrance to the house. 

4. Balloons in Rainbow Colors

This is another great example of using rainbow colours. Simple street art and graffiti, this minimal design catches the eye and spreads a happy atmosphere. The background is a neutral shade while the balloons are all different iridescent colours. The same design could be used in a fun restaurant or social clubhouse. 

5. Rainbow Colors Wall for Balcony 

This a simple and amazing rainbow mural idea for your balcony. Use different shades than the rainbow colours to paint the balcony wall. Colourful gradients bring fun to your room and spread joy.

Add a few potted plants with a moss mat and you have a new favourite corner in your home. 

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