Why is the number of mental patients increasing in the country? Let us find out with Rajeev Ranjan in ‘Mahaul Kya Hai’

Ranchi: A rise is being witnessed in the number of mental patients in the nation. Stress is one of the biggest factors responsible for this rise. Tension has increased to the point where people reach their threshold points and are committing suicide. To find out the reason behind the increasing cases of poor mental health in the country, News 24 tried to understand the reason behind this in Ranchi.

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Family problems

If we look at the statistics, family problems are the major reason for suicide in one third of the people. While 25 per cent of the daily wage laborers committed suicide when they were not financially affluent. The matter is not limited to suicide, it is believed that the situation may worsen in the coming days.

Treatment of schizophrenia patients is challenging

In a conversation with Rajeev Ranjan, Junior resident doctor Anuga told that it is very difficult to treat patients of schizophrenia. Apart from this, many cases of depression, anxiety and other cases of psychosis are coming up.

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These cases can be solved with counselling, medicine and family help. Professor Vasudev Das, Director, Central Institute of Psychiatry, said that the number of patients in OPD is increasing continuously. The next pandemic will be related to mental illness.

Sometimes we are not able to get a bed to the patient. Among them are many teenagers. According to Dr Das, the social system has also changed the atmosphere a lot. Nowadays people are becoming very isolated and lonely in the nuclear family. It is necessary to get out of these situations.

You can listen to the whole thing on this issue related to mental health in this video in ‘Mahaul Kya Hai’.

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