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What! Pothole Brings Back Dead? Haryana Man Jolted To Life On Way To Last Rites

Darshan Singh Brar, a resident of Nising near Karnal, had been ailing for days. Admitted to a Patiala hospital, he spent four days on a ventilator.

Edited By : Saurav Gupta | Updated: Jan 13, 2024 07:59 IST
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Dead Haryana Man Comes Alive After Pothole Jolts Ambulance

Chandigarh Chronicles a Tale of Life Amidst Death

In an extraordinary turn of events, an 80-year-old man from Haryana, Darshan Singh Brar, defied death, thanks to an unexpected encounter with a pothole. The incident unfolded as Brar’s lifeless body was being transported from Patiala to his hometown near Karnal, following a doctor’s declaration of his demise.

From Mourning to Celebration: Pothole’s Unlikely Intervention

As the ambulance carrying Brar navigated the roads, the unexpected jolt from a pothole prompted his grandson, a companion on this somber journey, to notice signs of life. Detecting a faint heartbeat, he swiftly redirected the ambulance to the nearest hospital, where doctors astonishingly confirmed Brar’s vitality.

Haryana – Despair to Hope: Brar’s Ailing Journey

Darshan Singh Brar, a resident of Nising near Karnal, had been ailing for days. Admitted to a Patiala hospital, he spent four days on a ventilator before doctors pronounced him dead on Thursday morning. His family, informed of his passing, had already initiated funeral preparations, with relatives and locals gathering to mourn his demise.

Haryana – The Pothole Miracle: A Twist of Fate Near Dhand Village

En route to his final resting place, near Dhand village in Haryana’s Kaithal, the ambulance hit a pothole, revealing Brar’s unexpected signs of life. A quick assessment by his grandson led to an impromptu detour to a nearby hospital, shattering the assumed finality of Brar’s fate.

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Critical Condition: Awaiting Recovery

Currently undergoing treatment at the NP Rawal Hospital in Karnal, Brar’s condition remains critical. Dr. Netrapal, a medical professional from the hospital, clarified that upon arrival, Brar exhibited signs of life, but the critical nature of his illness persists. The family, attributing the incident to divine intervention, remains hopeful for Brar’s recovery.

As this tale of despair turned hope continues to unfold, the miraculous pothole encounter has left the community in awe, showcasing the unpredictable twists life can take.

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First published on: Jan 13, 2024 07:59 AM IST

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