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Verifiable Credentials platform eLockr becomes one stop to ensure regulatory compliance in employee verification

The present landscape of employment and academic verification continues to stand on traditional processes

Edited By : Udit Singh | Updated: May 16, 2024 00:00 IST
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The present landscape of employment and academic verification continues to stand on traditional processes, dominated by manual handling and unsecured communication channels posing significant risks for employers, institutions and organisations. Having said that, the conventional verification approach fails to adhere to security and privacy standards as outlined in the DPDP Act. This essentially means that candidates undergoing verification are often unaware of the exchange of their confidential information among different parties.

With a rising need to address regulatory concerns in employee and students verification, OnGrid’s eLockr eliminates manual intervention, enhances security and automates the employment and academic verification process. The free verifiable credentials platform serves as a tool to empower HR professionals and education administrators to effortlessly issue verifiable credentials (VC) to former employees and alumni. At the same time, it enables both – alumni and former employees to verify their acquired credentials, anytime and anywhere.

“Ensuring efficiency and security in background checks have become imperative for employees and talent managers, owing to frequent changes in work culture. With eLockr, we strive to address the market need by streamlining the process of issuing verifiable credentials. Integrated with HRMS, it provides robust data control for enhanced security. Subsequently, this adds to the adherence to regulatory compliances in the verification process and maintains workplace integrity by enhancing the ability to make informed hiring decisions,” said Piyush Peshwani, Co-Founder and CEO of eLockr.

With its automated process for issuing tamper-proof credentials, eLockr currently serves as the trusted partner for over 1000 brands, enabling their HR teams to save more than 20,000 minutes every month.

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance and Empowerment
With India’s readiness to adopt the DPDP act, eLockr stands as an imperative to prioritise data privacy and security. To ensure that the issuance of verifiable credentials takes place with consent and adherence to data privacy standards, eLockr sends notifications about the data requesting party with every verification request. Trailblazing the future of credentials technology, eLockr mobile wallet empowers ex-employees to grant explicit consent, ensuring privacy compliance without any friction in the verification process.

Simple, Smart and Reliable Verification Process

Prior to the advent of eLockr, employers actively found themselves plagued with dozens of emails and calls, concerning verification requests, which resulted in significant loss of productive time. In addition, the transfer of information via emails also posed substantial security risks, underlying the pressing need for a reliable solution. Against this backdrop, eLockr emerges as a pivotal tool to empower employers and HRs to eliminate the email clutter, by issuing employment and academic credentials. This paves the way for reduced turn-around time and a positive exit experience.

Crucial Insights For Reduced Future Attrition Rates

While attrition rates have been reaching an all-time high, a recent market study suggested that the majority of organisations are negligent of a smooth exit process. This increases employee dejection and acts as a roadblock in reversing the attrition impact. To address this, eLockr also boasts anonymous ex-employee surveys which help in attaining quantifiable insights and identify areas for organisational improvement. Also, employers and HR teams get complete visibility of attrition, such as where ex-employees have joined, or which employee got verified, thus setting the tone for a refined exit and deboarding process.

Way forward

eLockr has been able to reach unprecedented heights by becoming the trusted partner for a myriad of leading brands including Delhivery, Practo, Larsen and Turbo, Kotak Mahindra Bank, and others. With eLockr’s momentous growth, every user including institutes, organisations, and individuals will increasingly gain centralised access to their academic and employment data. In the coming years, eLockr is poised to serve as an ultimate solution for all types of credentials, while adhering to regulatory compliances across the globe.

First published on: May 08, 2024 12:03 AM IST

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