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PM Modi Sends Letter, Gifts To Ujjwala Beneficiary Meera Manjhi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday sent a letter to Meera Majhi, the lady from Ayodhya at whose place he stopped for a cup of tea.

Edited By : Priyanka Negi | Updated: Jan 3, 2024 23:44 IST
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday wrote a letter to Ujjwala beneficiary Meera Manjhi as well as sent gifts for her and her family. Modi visited Meera’s home on December 30 during his visit to Ayodhya.

“After coming from Ayodhya, I watched your interviews on various TV channels. I am touched by the humility and confidence shown by you and your family members while sharing the experiences. The happiness of yours and crores of Indians is my wealth. It infuses me with more energy to work for the country,” the prime minister wrote in his letter.

“As the 100 millionth beneficiary of the Ujjwala Yojana, you are not just a statistic for me. I view it as an example of the fulfilment of dreams of crores of Indians,” he added.

Prime Minister Modi unveiled various crucial development projects during his visit to Ayodhya. Meera Manjhi, a beneficiary of the Ujjwala scheme, was among the individuals he interacted with on this occasion.

Meera Majhi disclosed the details of the Prime Minister’s visit, highlighting her lack of prior knowledge about his arrival. Just an hour before, she was informed about the impending visit of a political leader.
“He arrived, engaged with my family, and inquired about the benefits of the Ujjwala scheme we received. Then, he asked about the menu – rice, lentils, vegetables, and tea. Requesting a cup himself, he mentioned the need for tea in the cold. Noting it was a bit sweeter, I explained that’s how I typically make it,” shared Meera Majhi.

First published on: Jan 03, 2024 11:39 PM IST

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