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IPC To Budget Timings: PM Modi Bashes Congress Over Being Influenced By British

PM Modi questioned the intention of Congress mentioning how they have always been bent towards the British policies.

Edited By : Riwa Singh | Updated: Feb 7, 2024 15:09 IST
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PM Modi
PM Modi (LIVE)

PM Modi in his speech in the Rajya Sabha hit the policies and principles of Congress left, right, and centre. In his speech on Wednesday, he took a jibe at Congress and its culture and traditions and questioned the influence of the British on the oldest political party in India.

During his speech, he questioned the aristocratic work structure of the Indian National Congress. Taking a dig at the party, he said, “I wish to know why Congress was always influenced by British policies. I won’t question who formed the Congress party.” Notably, the party was formed by Annie Besant, a British socialist and activist, in 1885.

Narendra Modi further questioned why the party that ruled the nation for most of the time couldn’t make a war memorial for this country. Why did they (Congress) keep going on the lines of the British?

Interrogating the impact of the British even on our defence forces, the PM further asked why British symbols were still part of Indian defence forces. He added that his government is gradually trying to remove them.

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Hitting on the thought process of Congress, PM raised questions on their intentions of being a free state. He stated, “Why couldn’t they make our own laws and regulations and the old laws imposed by the British government in the name of IPC was required?

Congress was bent towards the British to the extent that the general budget of the Indian govt used to be discussed in the parliament, not before 05:00 pm – he alleged. He added that it was only because of the time zone as the Congress-led Indian govt always looked forward to the British as their followers.

First published on: Feb 07, 2024 03:01 PM IST

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