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PEACS Media News24 Opinion Poll Survey: Chhattisgarh Election 2023

Congress appears to be in the limelight once again, with expectations of a strong performance in the upcoming elections.

Edited By : Saurav Gupta | Updated: Sep 30, 2023 20:56 IST
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PEACS Media News24 Opinion Poll Survey
PEACS Media News24 Opinion Poll Survey

As the eagerly anticipated Chhattisgarh elections in November-December draw near, the results of the PEACS Media and News 24 opinion poll survey have been unveiled. The survey has brought both good news and setbacks for the political parties in the state.

Congress Shines, BJP Faces Setback:

Congress appears to be in the limelight once again, with expectations of a strong performance in the upcoming elections. The party is projected to secure between 55 to 60 seats, indicating potential success at the polls. In contrast, the BJP may face a significant setback, with estimates of only 30-35 seats in its favor. The remaining seats are likely to be scattered among other political entities.

Vote Share Dynamics:

In terms of vote share, Congress had secured 43 percent of the votes in the 2018 elections. This time around, it is anticipated to capture 45.1 percent of the votes. However, it’s important to note that the majority threshold in Chhattisgarh is 46 percent. On the other hand, the BJP is expected to improve its performance compared to the 2018 assembly elections. The party had secured 33 percent of the votes then, which could potentially rise to 38.9 percent this time. Meanwhile, other political parties may witness a decrease in vote share, possibly receiving only 16 percent of the total votes.

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Historical Perspective:

In the 2018 assembly elections, Congress staged a significant victory, wresting power from the BJP after a 15-year hiatus. Congress secured 68 seats out of 90, marking a triumphant return to power. Prior to this, the BJP had formed the government thrice but could only secure 15 seats in the last election.

Predicted Seat Distribution (2018 vs. 2023):

Congress: 68 seats (2018) vs. 55-60 seats (2023 Opinion Poll)

BJP: 15 seats (2018) vs. 30-35 seats (2023 Opinion Poll)

Others: 07 seats (2018) vs. 1-03 seats (2023 Opinion Poll)

Bhupesh Baghel Leads as Favorite Chief Minister:

Bhupesh Baghel, the incumbent Chief Minister, maintains his popularity as the preferred choice for the role. A significant 43.2 percent of the respondents have expressed their preference for him as Chief Minister. Following closely is former Chief Minister Raman Singh, with 27.5 percent support. TS Singh Deo is favored by 19.2 percent of the respondents.

As Chhattisgarh gears up for the upcoming elections, these survey results provide a glimpse into the current political landscape and the sentiments of the electorate. However, it’s essential to remember that these are preliminary findings, and the actual election outcomes may vary.

PEACS Media News24 Opinion Poll Survey

See the results of 6 questions below:

First published on: Sep 30, 2023 08:56 PM IST

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