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Haryana: Drunk Husband Stabs Wife To Death After Argument In Manesar

A 27-year-old woman was allegedly murdered by her husband in Manesar. The incident occurred on Friday night in Khoh village after an altercation fueled by suspicions regarding her character. The victim's cousin, who lived nearby, filed a complaint.

Edited By : Saurav Gupta | Updated: Apr 21, 2024 13:44 IST
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Haryana: Drunk Man Stabs Wife To Death; Know Why
Haryana: Drunk Man Stabs Wife To Death; Know Why

Haryana: In Manesar, a tragic incident unfolded as a 27-year-old woman fell victim to an alleged homicide at the hands of her husband. The unfortunate event occurred late Friday night in Khoh village, where the accused, in an inebriated state, engaged in a heated altercation with his wife. Fuelled by suspicions regarding her character, the argument escalated, leading to a fatal assault with a sharp object. The couple’s two children were fortunately absent from the scene during this tumultuous episode.

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Upon discovering the grim aftermath, the victim’s cousin, who lived adjacent to the couple as a tenant, promptly filed a complaint at the IMT Manesar police station. The cousin, a native of Prayagraj, recounted to the authorities the pattern of abuse and mistreatment the victim had allegedly endured at the hands of her husband. The revelation painted a distressing picture of domestic strife and violence plaguing the household.

Saturday morning brought the unsettling discovery of the victim’s room locked from the outside. Concerned, attempts to contact her via mobile phone proved futile, prompting the cousin to investigate further. Peering through the window, a harrowing sight met their gaze— the victim, lying naked and bloodied on the mattress. Hastily, law enforcement authorities were summoned to the scene.

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Upon arrival, the police swiftly secured the area and initiated necessary procedures. The victim’s lifeless body was carefully removed and transported for post-mortem examination. In light of the evidence and testimony gathered, the husband was promptly apprehended by law enforcement officials. The weapon purportedly used in the fatal assault was seized as crucial evidence.

First published on: Apr 21, 2024 01:44 PM IST

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