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EXCLUSIVE Interview | Sachin Pilot Breaks Silence Over The Next Rajasthan CM If Congress Wins

On the absence of a singular face in the campaign, Pilot argued that it depends on one's perspective.

Edited By : Saurav Gupta | Updated: Nov 10, 2023 21:21 IST
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Rajasthan Elections 2023
Rajasthan Elections 2023

As Rajasthan gears up for the upcoming elections on November 25, the political landscape is witnessing intense activity. While the Congress party remains confident in its bid for a repeat victory, the BJP anticipates a shift in the longstanding trend of government changes in the state. In an exclusive interview with News 24 Consulting Editor Srinivasan Jain, Sachin Pilot, the former Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan and a prominent leader contesting from Tonk, expressed assurance in Congress’ ability to form the government once again. He delved into the nuances of public sentiment and party dynamics.

Public Preference In Politics

When questioned about the concern over the historical pattern of government changes, Pilot emphasized the significance of public preference in politics. Despite the party’s absence from power in the last three decades, he highlighted a past instance where Congress, facing a severe defeat with only 21 out of 200 MLAs remaining, eventually secured a majority. Pilot aims to break this five-year cycle, citing disunity and confusion within the BJP as potential advantages for Congress. Feedback from his visits indicates a public desire to give Congress another chance.

Congress Rebels

Discussing the previous elections, Pilot acknowledged the impact of Congress rebels, attributing the loss of votes to their dissent. Despite this setback, Congress managed to form the government, overcoming numerical challenges.

Responding to queries about the dominant campaign featuring Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, Pilot stressed the collective nature of the campaign. While acknowledging the importance of the Chief Minister’s role, he clarified that responsibilities would be assigned collectively once the government is in power.

Isn’t the campaign centered around Gehlot? Posters and ads feature prominently, but where is the other face? Asks Jain

Sachin Pilot responded, asserting that it depends on the observer’s perspective. He openly acknowledged that the campaign involves collaborative efforts, emphasizing that no individual can independently form a government.

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On the absence of a singular face in the campaign, Pilot argued that it depends on one’s perspective.

Asserting that no individual can single-handedly form a government, he underscored the necessity of collective strength within the organization. Drawing parallels with his experience as State President in 2018, Pilot highlighted the challenges faced, including protests and confrontations, and stressed the importance of unity in achieving government formation.

Congress Campaign

When questioned about his visibility in the campaign, Pilot contended that leadership is earned through public trust rather than mere advertisements.

First published on: Nov 10, 2023 09:19 PM IST

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