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Etawah: A Married Lawyer And His Girlfriend Hatched A Horrifying Conspiracy; All Documents Were Fake

The Uttar Pradesh city of Etawah. On Sunday morning, a dead body is discovered close to the Sunderpur railway gate in a very poor condition.

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Etawah: A lawyer had feelings for a woman. The lawyer now desired to wed that girl. The attorney, however, was already wed. The girl’s parents opposed this relationship for this reason. The lawyer and his girlfriend devised a plot to get around this issue. But a dead body was required for that conspiracy to succeed. A human corpse, indeed. They then arranged for the deceased body between them.

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Where Was The Dead Body Discovered? 

The Uttar Pradesh city of Etawah. On Sunday morning, a dead body is discovered close to the Sunderpur railway gate. The dead body was in extremely poor condition because the deceased was struck by a train and died as a result. Furthermore, it was impossible to recognize him due to the severe disfigurement of his face. When the police arrived at the scene after learning of the incident, they attempted to identify the deceased by asking those in the vicinity but were unsuccessful. As a result, they removed the body and placed it in the mortuary.

In most cases, the police hold these unclaimed bodies in the mortuary for a minimum of 72 hours. This allows the police to identify and notify the person who comes in looking for the deceased. The deceased may be given to his relatives. And the police burn these kinds of dead bodies in case no one shows up.

As it happened, several individuals arrived at the hospital and claimed the body considerably earlier than the 72-hour mark, that is, the day after it was placed in the mortuary. They belonged to a family that also comprised the deceased’s brother, father, and other relatives. The police did not feel the need to independently check this claim because they also possessed the Aadhaar card of Atul Kumar, the guy who was killed in the accident, and they gave the body to his family.

Up until that point, everything had gone according to plan. However, the true turn of events occurred the very following day when a few more people arrived at the mortuary to claim the body. This family said they were from Oraiya in Uttar Pradesh.

All Documents Were Fake 

With this claim, the situation became more difficult. If the deceased was indeed Satyaveer Rajput, then who were the individuals who removed the body under the pretense that it belonged to Atul Kumar? At this point, the police began their investigation. Upon initiating the investigation, the police were astonished to discover that every document—including identity cards and Aadhaar cards—submitted to them by the individuals who had carried the deceased corpse away was a fake. Furthermore, it was discovered that the deceased person’s Aadhaar card was fake. This indicates that there was an odd plot to remove the deceased body by trickery. The police now concentrated their inquiry on four individuals who arrived to collect the dead body.

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