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Death Sentences Of Eight Indian Ex-Navy Personnel Reduced In Qatar: MEA

The Qatar court on Thursday reduced the sentences of the eight Indian ex-Navy personnel who were on a death penalty

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The Qatar court on Thursday reduced the sentences of the eight Indian ex-Navy personnel who were on a death penalty, according to the Ministry Of External Affairs (MEA).

“We acknowledge the Court of Appeal of Qatar’s recent decision on the Dahra Global case, resulting in reduced sentences. We await the detailed judgment. Our Ambassador to Qatar, along with other officials and family members, attended the Court of Appeal proceedings. Since the inception of this matter, we have provided continuous support and will persist in offering all consular and legal assistance. Furthermore, we are committed to addressing the matter with the Qatari authorities”, said MEA

In August last year, Indian citizens employed by the private company Al Dahra were reportedly detained in Qatar on suspicion of espionage. The charges against these individuals have not been publicly disclosed by either Qatari authorities or the government of India. Recently, Navy Chief Admiral R Hari Kumar stated that the government is exerting extensive efforts to repatriate former Navy personnel currently incarcerated in Qatar. Admiral Kumar assured that close collaboration is underway to safeguard the well-being and interests of these individuals.

On October 26, Qatar’s Court of First Instance handed down death sentences to Navy veterans. India expressed profound shock at the ruling and pledged to explore every available legal avenue in response to the decision.

In response to the Qatari court’s verdict, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) emphasized the significance of the case, stating that it is according “high importance” to the matter and is actively pursuing all legal options.

The charges against the Indian nationals were filed on March 25, and they underwent trial in accordance with Qatari law.

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First published on: Dec 28, 2023 03:52 PM IST

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