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Army assault dog ‘Zoom’ critically injured while tracking terrorists

New Delhi: An army assault dog ‘Zoom’ played an important role in the neutralizing two Lashker-e-Taiba terrorists. This encounter with security forces happened in Tangpawa village in Anantnag district of South Kashmir on Monday. Zoom was critically injured during this anti-terrorist operation.

Two soldiers also injured 

Zoom along with two soldiers who also got injured in operation were rushed to the hospital. Zoom was admitted at Army’s Vet Hospital in Srinagar. While, the two soldiers were admitted in 92 base army hospital in Srinagar. All of them are being treated.

Srinagar based PRO Lt. Col Emron Musavi said, “during the anti terrorist operation at Tangpawa Anatnag two LeT terrorists were eliminated. 2 soldiers and an army dog Zoom were also injured in the operation. Zoom and both soldiers were evacuated to 92 BH and all are stable now”. PRO defense also informed that 2 AK Rifles & war like stores were recovered during this operation.

Zoom was critically injured during a mission

Col Emron Musavi further said, “Army assault dog ‘Zoom’ who was critically injured during the operation while confronting the terrorists, is under treatment at Army Vet Hosp Srinagar. He has been operated and have fracture in leg. We wish him a speedy recovery.”

An army officer said, “Zoom was sent inside the house during operation where terrorists were hiding. As Zoom was a trained assault dog he was sent with the task to track the hiding terrorists.”

Exchange of fire happened while Zoom was tracking

The officer added that as the dog was on job, exchange of fire happened. Zoom received bullet injuries, he was shot with two bullets. However, he still helped to track the terrorists location.

With the help of video camera fitted on Zoom the Security forces tracked the location of terrorists. Both of the local terrorists were killed. Both of them were linked with proscribed LeT outfit.

Army sniffer dog was also Axel killed

Earlier an Army sniffer dog Axel, was killed in an anti-terror operation in Baramulla district of North Kashmir in July.  month of 2022 was later honored with ‘Mention-in-Despatches’ in this year’s gallantry awards. The announcement was made ahead of India’s 75th Independence Day anniversary.

it was the highest bravery award that an army dog has received in recent times for their involvement in a counter-insurgency operation.

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