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‘Vote For Clean Candidates, Not For Those…’, Anna Hazare Slams Arvind Kejriwal

Anna Hazare urged voters to pick clean-record candidates and criticized Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal for his alleged role in the Delhi liquor scam amid ED investigations.

Edited By : simran rajpal | Updated: May 13, 2024 15:53 IST
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Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal

On Monday, social activist Anna Hazare, once a mentor to Arvind Kejriwal, criticized his former disciple. The 86-year-old urged voters to carefully select the right candidate, emphasizing that the power of the nation should not fall into unworthy hands. Hazare emphasized the importance of active participation in democracy, advocating for individuals of integrity and honesty to be chosen. Stressing that voters hold the key to the nation’s future, he emphasized the significance of making informed choices. Notably, the country is witnessing the fourth phase of voting on 96 Lok Sabha seats today.

Anna Hazare urged voters to elect candidates with clean records, advising against choosing politicians under investigation by the Enforcement Directorate (ED). He openly criticized Delhi Chief Minister, targeting Arvind Kejriwal for his involvement in the Delhi liquor scam case. Hazare accused Kejriwal of committing corruption due to alcohol influence and emphasized that such individuals should not be re-elected. This isn’t the first time Hazare has criticized Arvind Kejriwal, having done so on multiple occasions in the past.

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During the UPA government, a movement emerged under the banner of India Against Corruption, led by Anna Hazare. Throughout this period, Hazare conducted fasts, drawing support from individuals such as Arvind Kejriwal, Prashant Bhushan, and Kumar Vishwas. Hazare aimed to maintain the movement’s non-political nature, but Kejriwal and some of his associates opted to establish a political party. Subsequently, the paths of Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal diverged. It’s worth noting that Anna Hazare previously criticized Arvind Kejriwal over the liquor scam, expressing disappointment that someone like Kejriwal was involved in formulating liquor policies.

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First published on: May 13, 2024 03:53 PM IST

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