Wednesday, December 7, 2022

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A new era of telecommunication begins as PM Modi launches 5G

New Delhi:  Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched the 5G services from today. During the program, different demonstrations were held in front of the Prime Minister by all the telecom companies to show the potential of 5G technology in India.

These demos were shown to PM Modi

The three major telecom operators of the country will demonstrate one use case each to the Prime Minister.

Reliance Jio will attempt to connect a teacher from a Mumbai school with students from three different locations in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Odisha to show how 5G brings teachers closer to students, bridging the physical distance between them. can provide facilities. It will showcase the power of Augmented Reality (AR) on screen and how it is being used to teach children across the country remotely, without the need for an AR device.

Similar demo from Airtel

A girl from Uttar Pradesh will witness a live education experience to learn about the Solar System with the help of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. The girl will share her learning experience with the Prime Minister by appearing on the stage through a hologram.

Vodafone – Idea Test Cases

Will demonstrate the safety of workers in an under-construction tunnel of the Delhi Metro through the construction of a digital twin of the tunnel at Diyas. The digital twin will help in delivering safety alerts to workers in real time from a remote location. PM will take live demo from DIAS to monitor the work in real time using VR and Artificial Intelligence.
During this, LG will also be present in the tunnel.

Exhibition on future of technology

The Prime Minister will visited an exhibition and saw a demonstration on the know-how of the use of 5G technology in several sectors.

Various use cases to be displayed before the PM in the exhibition include precision drone based farming; High security router and AI based cyber threat detection platform; automated guided vehicles; Ambupod – Smart Ambulance; Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality/Amalgamation of reality in education and skill development; sewage monitoring system; smart-agriculture program; health diagnostics, among others.

Benefits of 5G

5G technology will provide vast benefits to the common people. This will help in providing uninterrupted coverage, high data rates, low latency and highly reliable communication.

Also, it will increase energy efficiency, spectrum efficiency and network efficiency. 5G technology will help connect billions of Internet of Things devices, providing high-quality video service with mobility at high speeds.

5G will help reduce the role of humans in real time monitoring of disasters, precision agriculture, hazardous industrial operations like deep mines, offshore activities etc.

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