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They Are Not My Responsibility: Uorfi Javed Over Spoiling Teenagers Allegation

She later unveiled her ensemble, revealing black tights and a deep-neck top underneath, all complemented by a high bun.

Edited By : Saurav Gupta | Updated: Oct 5, 2023 17:28 IST
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Uorfi Javed
Uorfi Javed

Internet sensation Uorfi Javed made a striking appearance at the India Today Conclave, wearing a distinctive black bodycon dress with an attached cover that partially obscured her face. She later unveiled her ensemble, revealing black tights and a deep-neck top underneath, all complemented by a high bun.

Impact on Children and Parental Responsibility

Uorfi refuted claims that her actions negatively influenced teenagers, asserting that parents should be responsible for guiding their children rather than placing blame on public figures like herself.

Journey of Self-Discovery

During her discussion, Uorfi opened up about her ongoing journey of self-discovery. She emphasized her daily anticipation of new experiences and challenges, stating that she still considers herself in the process of exploration. Uorfi disclosed her past experiences with mental abuse, emphasizing that it was not physical abuse. She bravely recounted the hardships she faced at the young age of 15, when her photo was wrongly shared on a pornographic website, leading to widespread blame and eventually her decision to leave home at 17. She expressed her determination to take control of her life’s decisions.

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Fashion Inspirations and Impact

Uorfi shared insights into her approach to fashion, mentioning her occasional involvement in design and how she draws inspiration from various designers. She addressed criticisms about her choice of attire and defended her right to use designs that had previously circulated within the fashion industry.

Monetization and Struggles

Uorfi discussed her journey to monetize her career, which began with her social media presence during her television career. She detailed her gradual recognition and financial progress, attributing her success to dedication and hard work.

Handling Trolls and Creative Team

The actress addressed the challenges of dealing with online trolls and clarified misconceptions surrounding her creative choices. She introduced her creative team, highlighting their collaborative efforts in content production, fashion design, and social media.

Opinions of Celebrities

Uorfi acknowledged the evolving opinions of celebrities about her, citing Kareena Kapoor’s recent praise while emphasizing that every individual is entitled to their own perspectives. She underscored her longstanding quest for identity and welcomed recognition from others.

Uorfi Javed’s candid discussion during the India Today Conclave provided insights into her journey, challenges, and her unapologetic approach to life and fashion.

First published on: Oct 05, 2023 05:27 PM IST

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