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Shark Tank India: From Pitch to Meme – The Funniest Moments

Shark Tank India throws out the boring business suits and brings the laughs! Witty Sharks with fiery comebacks clash with passionate entrepreneurs pitching ingenious ideas. We explore the show's most hilarious moments that exploded into memes, from Ashneer Grover's iconic "Doglapan" shutdowns to the mind-boggling "no-water" washing machine that left everyone questioning its workability (and grabbing their phones to meme about it).

Edited By : Entertainment Desk | Updated: Apr 23, 2024 12:03 IST
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Shark Tank india from pitch to meme

Shark Tank India isn’t your average business show. Forget stuffy suits and snoozy lectures on valuations. This is a circus of passionate entrepreneurs, witty Sharks (investors with more sass than a telenovela villain), and enough meme-able moments to fill a social media ocean.

Imagine the show as a delicious biryani – the entrepreneurs are the fragrant spices, the Sharks are the fiery chilies, and the internet’s meme machine is the generous dollop of raita that ties it all together. We’re here to scoop up some of the funniest Shark Tank India moments that became legendary memes and had us snorting laughter like a startled panda.

The Art of the Shark-Down: When Sass Meets Shutdowns

Say goodbye to boring suits and spreadsheets- the very real faces of Shark Tank India are the Sharks themselves! Of course, this is where the entrepreneurs shine with their million-dollar investment dreams but it is the Sharks who steal the show. Their comebacks are hotter than a vindaloo on a summer day and shutdowns are so legendary, that they would make even a dragon whimper.

Remember Ashneer Grover’s legendary “Ye Sab Doglapan Hai!” (This is all pretense!) delivered during a pitch for a seemingly inauthentic product in Season 1? Or Namita Thapar’s more nuanced “Ye Kachra Nahin Hai, It Has Lot of Potential” when a pitch wasn’t quite there but had a promising idea at its core? These lines weren’t just verbal jabs – they were instant meme gold.

Imagine this meme: Grover’s face superimposed on a dragon breathing fire, with the caption “Dragons Don’t Invest in Doglapan”. Need we say more?

“Hum Bhi Bana Lenge!”: When Jugaad Takes Center Stage

India’s “jugaadu” spirit (that superpower of fixing anything with a rubber band and a prayer) is on full display in Shark Tank India. These entrepreneurs march in with ideas that make your brain do a happy little flip-flop – “Whoa, that’s actually genius!” mixed with a healthy dose of “Wait a sec, how on earth does that work?”. Remember the season three pitch for a “no water” washing machine that promised squeaky-clean clothes in 80 seconds? It used some fancy steam and UV light rays (don’t ask me the science!), and while the Sharks (rightfully) had some eyebrow-raising questions, the sheer audacity of the idea had the internet churning out memes faster than you can say “jugaadu magic!”

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Meme Time! Picture a Shark with a furrowed brow, looking at a bewildered customer holding a pile of clothes next to a strange-looking contraption with tubes and buttons. Caption it: “Customer after trying the ‘jugaadu’ waterless washing machine – Still not sure if clothes are clean or mysteriously steamed.”

“Bilkul Bakwaas Idea Hai!”: When Reality Bites (But Makes Us Laugh)

Not every invention is a game-changer, and the Sharks are there to be brutally honest (sometimes to a fault!). Their blunt rejections, particularly Ashneer Grover’s infamous “Bilkul Bakwaas Idea Hai!” (This is a completely stupid idea!), might have crushed some entrepreneurial dreams (especially in Season 1), but they definitely became meme fodder for the rest of us.

Meme Alert! Grover’s face replaces a judge’s at a science fair, holding a project that looks like a tangled mess of wires and pipes, with the caption “When Your Science Fair Project is a Bakwaas Idea”.

“Main Bohot Excited Hoon!”: The Emotional Rollercoaster

One moment, you are cheering an entrepreneur with a brilliant business idea, and the next, you are wiping away a tear because the passion just rips you apart. These entrepreneurs pour out their hearts and souls into their pitches, dreams, and enthusiasm shining in their eyes. And sometimes, the pressure becomes so real that a tear or two might flow down their cheeks. On the other hand, this very lack of perfection makes them all the more human and relatable, don’t you think?

Sometimes even the Sharks who are generally stingy and have hearts of stone, can’t but help feel moved by a good story. We’ve all noticed them occasionally tearing up when a passionate speech is being delivered. And ready are the tissues, guys, as Shark Tank India is a rather emotional roller coaster ride!

Cue the memes! An entrepreneur, eyes welling up, pleading with a skeptical Shark who has a box of tissues photoshopped next to them. The caption? “Me trying to convince my friend to split the pizza”.

“Yeh Meri Expertise Nahin Hai, I’m Out!”: When Sharks Acknowledge Their Limits

The Sharks are successful for a reason – they know their stuff. But even the best investors have their blind spots. So, when a pitch ventures outside their domain of expertise, we hear the ever-so-familiar “Yeh Meri Expertise Nahin Hai, I’m Out!” (This is not my area of expertise, I’m Out!). This line, often used by Sharks like Namita Thapar (throughout the seasons), showcases their self-awareness and adds a touch of humor to the negotiation process.

Meme Time! A Shark looking completely lost amidst a complex scientific diagram, with the caption “Me trying to understand a physics lecture”.

These are just a few examples of the goldmine of memes that Shark Tank India has spawned.  From the Sharks’ fiery exchanges to the entrepreneurs’ quirky pitches, the show has given us endless content to laugh at, share, and bond over. So, the next time you tune in to see an entrepreneur brave the Tank, keep your eyes peeled for meme-worthy moments – you never know what internet gold you might witness!

First published on: Apr 23, 2024 12:03 PM IST

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