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I Want Viewers To Feel It: Sanjana Sanghi On Stream Of Emotions In Kadak Singh

The movie goes around an officer serving at the Department of Financial Crimes who suffers from a disease, recalling which he joins the dots to unfold a financial scam.

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Kadak Singh is running in theatres now. The thriller movie based on a financial scam case has multiple stories to unfold. Directed by Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury, the movie has Pankaj Tripathi, Parvathy Thiruvothu, and Sanjana Sanghi in lead roles.

Director’s notes

This film had a gala trailer launch and its first global screen screening at IFFI. How was the response?

The response was truly extraordinary. Being part of this unique platform to showcase our film was an unforgettable experience. The entire stadium was buzzing with excitement as it filled with a multitude of people. The songs, beautifully performed by Shreya Ghoshal and Shantanu Moitra, added a magical touch. Pankaj Sir’s poetry recital elicited a powerful response, culminating in an enthusiastic roar from the audience. As the trailer unfolded, many extended their congratulations, making the entire experience truly stunning and awe-inspiring. I am elated to have had the opportunity to unveil our trailer and songs among fellow cinema enthusiasts at IFFI.

What inspired you to come up with Kadak Singh? Where did you get the concept from?

In 2016, Viraf from WIZ FILMS and I discussed a film concept featuring a father-daughter relationship within a police story. I was drawn to a pivotal moment where they confront each other in a compromising situation at a hotel. Expressing my enthusiasm, I suggested further development. Over 3-4 years, Viraf, Ritesh, and I refined the scripts. After extensive research in Kolkata, Kadak Singh’s script organically evolved into what it is today. The entire process took 6-7 years, and with its release set for 8th December, excitement fills our team.

Sanjana says…

What aspects of Sakshi’s character did you find most intriguing, and how did you bring them to life on screen?

I won’t discuss how I brought those on the screen because revealing the process kills the intrigue. Maybe we can talk about it after the release. However, I found many beautiful and intriguing things about Sakshi. Her ability to be responsible and wise beyond her years was endearing. The fact that she had to build thick skin but kept her heart vulnerable and remained sensitive and empathetic was beautiful. She wanted to fix everything, believing that she could, and she tried until the very end, using everything within her. I felt she had an endless reservoir of strength that she kept tapping into, finding her way out of the most unpredictably tricky situations. This aspect has taught me a lot as Sanjana. I derived strength from Sakshi because, many times in life, you lose perspective and don’t realize that things could be a lot tougher. Keeping it together, holding your head high, and focusing on the target are crucial, and Sakshi understands these things. Living those experiences because of Sakshi, through Sakshi, with Sakshi, has been surreal.

What message or emotion do you hope viewers will take away after watching Kadak Singh?

My true desire would simply be that I want them to feel. Whether that is feeling love for a family that has gone through so much and is fighting through unpredictable odds, or respect for officers like Kadak Singh. Whether it’s shock at certain places, or anger at certain places, whatever these feelings are, I just want them to feel. I really feel like the combination of Ritesh’s writing with Tony Day’s direction has allowed for these scenes to really come out. In that way, we spend time with Shantanu Moitra, a National Award-winning musician who has given the film such a strong spine with a beautiful background score, and through his lens, this beautiful technical team. Hopefully, you know, we’ll be able to just make the audience feel. I think I would just simply put it at that.”

The movie goes around an officer serving at the Department of Financial Crimes who suffers from a disease, recalling which he joins the dots to unfold a financial scam.

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