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‘Highly Unprofessional’, Arijit Singh Faces Backlash For Cutting Nails Onstage During Live Performance

Arijit was seen singing onstage while casually using a nail cutter to trim his nails, which drew criticism from many who deemed it 'highly unprofessional'.

Edited By : Aniket Raj | Updated: May 7, 2024 20:05 IST
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Arijit Singh
Arijit Singh

A recent viral video featuring Arijit Singh performing live has sparked widespread discussion among fans on social media. In the footage, the renowned singer was observed singing onstage while casually using a nail cutter to trim his nails, positioned at the edge of the stage. Numerous individuals have criticized this behavior, labeling it as ‘highly unprofessional’.

In the footage shared by fan pages of Arijit Singh across different social media platforms, the singer appeared clad in a grey shirt, sporting an orange cloth wrapped around his head. The setting was a concert in Dubai, where he was captured on stage, singing while using a nail cutter to trim his nails.

Comments from viewers regarding the video varied widely. One user criticized the act as “highly unprofessional,” while another expressed disbelief, questioning the necessity of bringing nail cutters to a concert. A sentiment echoed by another user who deemed the behavior unhygienic. Some suggested that such personal grooming should have been done backstage, deeming it uncool to perform such tasks onstage. Additionally, there were remarks implying that the action reflected poor preparation on Arijit’s part, particularly in relation to playing the guitar.

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Among the comments, there were also numerous fans who came to Arijit’s defense and offered explanations for his actions. One individual shared their firsthand experience, mentioning that they attended the Dubai concert where the incident occurred. According to them, Arijit faced challenges while playing the guitar, which prompted him to trim his nails onstage. Another fan speculated that the nail trimming was intended to improve his guitar performance by facilitating better tapping on the instrument.

In a previous incident captured on social media, Arijit Singh was featured in another concert in Dubai where he failed to recognize that actor Mahira Khan was seated in the front row. However, moments later, he realized her presence and proceeded to give her a shoutout, accompanied by an apology for the oversight.

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First published on: May 07, 2024 04:12 PM IST

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