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‘Get Entertained And Go Home…’, Adnan Sami Defends ‘Animal’ Amid Controversy

In the midst controversy, singer Adnan Sami has strongly expressed his support for the Ranbir Kapoor starrer 'Animal'.

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Adnan Sami
Adnan Sami

‘Animal,’ starring Ranbir Kapoor, has garnered diverse reviews from both audiences and critics alike. While some applaud its technical aspects, others condemn it for its excessive violence and depiction of toxic masculinity. In the midst of this feedback, singer Adnan Sami has strongly expressed his support for the film.

Adnan took to Instagram and wrote, ‘Can people pls stop over analysing, over thinking & over ‘moral-policing’ films? ITS-JUST-A-FILM!!! It’s a fantasy… It’s entertainment!! If you’re looking for logic then also tell me the logic behind the illogical blood donation scene that featured in Amar Akbar Anthony. Three sons of a mother donate blood to her at the same time through a singular tube! That movie is hailed as a cult classic & rightly so because we all love it! Explain the morality shown in Deewaar or the logic behind ’Thakur’ beating the crap out of Gabbar in the climax of Sholay with just his feet & no hands!! That too is an incredible classic which we love!! The Godfather has us rooting for the bad guys again… Quentin Tarantino is considered a genius who has made a career out of gore!! We loved Al Pacino in ‘Scarface’!! ‘


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He later added, ‘If a movie is given an ‘A’ rating it means that only an adult can see it because an ‘adult’ is mature & educated enough to understand between what is right & wrong morally & thus would not get negatively impacted or influenced by the content of the film! So just chill watch the movie; get entertained & go home!
And, NO, I haven’t seen ‘Animal’ as yet but will always defend the right of a creative artist to express what they want to in any form of ‘art’. We as an audience have the right to like it or reject it as per our aesthetics! But it is important for us all to co-exist along with a ‘live & let live’ policy!! No one is forcing you to watch or hear anything; similarly don’t force your opinions on others, especially when those people are presenting a fantasy!! ITS-JUST-A-FILM!!!!’\

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When his post went viral on Reddit, users soon started reacting on it. A user wroteb “Adnan ko bolo gender reverse kre and be a woman for a day and while he is at it, manoj sir and Kashyap can do the same aur phir it’s just a film smjh kar dkh kr aaye but other everyday men. Yes, it’s true har koi kaisi bhi film bna skta h, sure. But one dimensional baatein n kre privileged cis-het men toh bhalai hogi.”

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