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‘…devastated this is the world she lives in’: Kajal Aggarwal shares her TRAGIC abortions ordeal

New Delhi: Kajal Aggarwal gave birth to a baby girl on April 19, 2022. Taking to the social media site Instagram, Kajal wrote a tragic heartfelt note describing all her complications, which she overcame, to successfully conceive. Kajal Agarwal is a famous Indian actress and a model who had worked in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil […]

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New Delhi: Kajal Aggarwal gave birth to a baby girl on April 19, 2022. Taking to the social media site Instagram, Kajal wrote a tragic heartfelt note describing all her complications, which she overcame, to successfully conceive.

Kajal Agarwal is a famous Indian actress and a model who had worked in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil films. She has worked in over 50 films and also received two South Indian International Movie Awards.

She got married to Gautam Kitchlu on October 30, 2020. The couple got married in a private ceremony in her hometown of Mumbai. Here is what she wrote on her social media post.

Kajal wrote, “8 years ago, my husband and I started trying for a baby. 8 years ago, I was rushed to the hospital in the most blinding pain I have ever felt. I found out I was pregnant with an ectopic pregnancy and had life saving surgery. 6 months later I found out I was pregnant again with a much wanted pregnancy. What should have been my rainbow baby, was yet another ectopic pregnancy. I rushed to the hospital while bleeding internally and had yet another life saving surgery. Another 6 months later, our grief and frustration was met with joy of a third positive pregnancy test. A beautiful first ultrasound showed baby in the right place. But less than a day later, I lost that much wanted pregnancy as well.”

She further wrote, “Another 6 months later, I lost my fourth pregnancy and needed a d&c to avoid permanent scarring and damage to my uterus. After two years of unbearable physical and emotional pain, we began IVF (probably the only way I could have had a successful pregnancy). After our first embryo transfer we found out that we were the less than 1% whose embryo had split. We were pregnant with triplets, two of which were identical and shared a placenta. And so began my high risk pregnancy. We were advised to reduce our pregnancy so we could safely carry one baby to term. And though l am pro choice, I knew that that choice was not one I could make.”

The Magadheera actress wrote, “I spent 15 weeks vomiting daily, on bed rest, praying that my babies would be ok. Every twinge, every ache sent me into a tailspin of worst case scenario. I wanted these babies more than I had ever wanted anything in my life. If you had ever asked me what | wanted to be when I grew up, it was to be a mom. That’s it. When I was 18 weeks pregnant I was put on bed rest and told that my identical twins were possibly developing ttts, a condition many identical twins do not survive, at least not without surgery during your pregnancy to sever the shared blood vessels.”

The actress further wrote, “One baby was getting more blood than the other. My Lyla. She had always been bigger and now she was growing faster, using up more resources than the other identical twin. My Millen. My tiny little girl, who sat right under my rib cage, the one closest to my heart. We were told to see a specialist and possibly that we would need the surgery to correct the ttts. A week later we went in to see the specialist who told us it was not quite there yet and to come back in two days. All three babies kicked me all weekend.”

Kajal wrote that, “On Monday, we went in to check on them. After the ultrasound tech left the room, the doctor returned and told us it wasn’t good news. Baby b didn’t have a heartbeat. Baby a was hemorrhaging and seizing and likely would not survive but if she did she would be born with such debilitating injuries, she would likely never breathe, eat, or move on her own. To say we were devastated does not even come close to what we felt in that moment. The only tiniest fraction of hope came from knowing that our baby c was ok, completely separated physically from his twin sisters (emotionally, spiritually, who knows.)”

She further wrote, “Because I was pregnant with triplets and one was alive and healthy, I was advised to terminate baby a. Lyla. Who still kicked and moved. Who looked like a perfect healthy baby on the screen in front of me. But who continued to bleed out, continued to have seizures, and would never ever be healthy. If | could have changed anything for her, I would have. If I could have saved her, I would have. I wanted her more than anything. But I don’t know who in this world would ask to be born without the ability to breathe, eat or move on their own for their entire lives. She didn’t have a choice. BUTI DIU.”

The Singham actress wrote, “And two days later I made the most heartbreaking gut wrenching choice of my life. I laid on an operating table with my husband stroking my hair while I played beautiful music and whispered how much I loved her while my doctor stopped her heart. We cried. We begged and pleaded for baby c to be ok and to stay ok, until at least 28 weeks so I could deliver him. For 9 weeks, laid in bed and felt Charlie kick. For 9 weeks, I cried knowing that I still carried the bodies of my daughters inside me. I prayed for Charlie to stay put. On September 29th 2016, delivered all three of my babies. Only one alive. Charlie was rushed to the ICU where he spent 7 weeks fighting to grow and come home. I held my girls a week before l held Charlie.”

She further wrote, “They had perfect toes and perfect fingers and hair on their perfect little heads. I wanted them more than I ever wanted anything in my life. Without access to abortion, I very likely would have died 8 years ago. And again 6 months after that, and 6 months after that, and 6 months after that. Without access to abortion, my girl would have suffered the rest of her life. My boy would have possibly been born too early to survive. I might not have made it out of that pregnancy alive.”

Kajal Agarwal wrote in the end, “They say they are pro life but | would be dead and none of my children would exist. What is pro life about that? Today, I am heartbroken in so many ways. I hold my 5 month old daughter, so grateful she is here, but so devastated that this is the world she lives in.”

She finally wrote, “I have never spoken so publicly and with so much detail about my story. But to say that my life has been impacted by abortion rights is an understatement. Maybe hearing my story will change one persons mind about what happened today. And maybe that one person will go on to help reverse what happened today. I can only hope and pray, the same way I hoped and prayed for all of my children to exist.”

First published on: Jul 24, 2022 03:55 AM IST

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