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‘Please Don’t Separate Me From My Child’; Bharti Singh Leaves Dance Deewane Shoot Early For Surgery

Bharti Singh revealed her recent hospitalization due to abdominal pain, citing a gallbladder stone and associated infection based on medical assessments. Although she was initially discharged to meet her obligations for Dance Deewane shoots, she later returned after a short absence of 8-10 days to undergo surgery for the gallbladder stone problem.

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Bharti Singh Leaves Dance Deewane Shoot Early For Surgery

Bharti Singh recently disclosed being hospitalized for abdominal pain, attributing it to a gallbladder stone and infection on the gallbladder walls as per medical reports. Despite being discharged to fulfill commitments for Dance Deewane shoots, she had to return after a brief hiatus of 8-10 days for surgery to address the stone issue. Here’s how she spent the short break before the surgery.

After being discharged, Bharti Singh proceeded to shoot for the episode of Dance Deewane the following day, despite experiencing pain. She mentioned consuming a high dosage of painkillers. In the subsequent days, she opted to rest from the shoot.

Bharti treated her mother and mother-in-law to a girls’ day out, taking them shopping and indulging in a glam makeover at a cosmetic store. They all relished the experience together. Later, they ventured out for a street food outing, savoring delicious dishes.

Bharti Singh recently recorded a podcast with Orry

Next, Bharti films a podcast with Orry. During the podcast, Bharti’s mother discusses Orry’s rising fame and mentions spotting him frequently on Instagram. Bharti’s team expresses their excitement at meeting Orry and even inquires about the rumored Rs 20-25 Lakhs charge for a selfie with him.

I went to bed early last night. Today is the day when I have to attend the shoot and then head to the hospital for my surgery. I hope for a miracle that there is no stone present. Please don’t keep me away from my child; I don’t know how I will manage. So, I will shoot first and then prepare for my hospital stay.

Bharti showcased snippets from the shoot, donning a character from Madhuri’s repertoire to commemorate the diva’s birthday. She also revealed a glimpse of Ankita Lokhande dancing alongside Madhuri Dixit on stage. Bharti expressed immense joy at interacting with the contestants and hosting the show.

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First published on: May 12, 2024 12:26 PM IST

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