WATCH: Wife catches husband with another woman in hotel room

New Delhi: A high voltage drama happened in a hotel located in the Delhi Gate area of Agra. Here a wife caught her husband red-handed while he was romancing with another woman. Following this the wife beat both of them with slippers. The video went viral on social media.

Husband was in hotel room with another woman

Actually the man was involved with another woman and was spending time with her. Meanwhile, his wife walked in and caught them red-handed. She got furious and took off her slippers and started beating them.

Wife came with brother to catch them

The matter is from Delhi Gate area. According to the information, Dinesh, a resident of Deori Road, works in a hospital. His wife Neelam alleged that Dinesh was having an illicit relationship with a woman. When she came to know about this, a quarrel started between the two.

Wife was living at her maternal home

Disturbed by this, Neelam went to her maternal home and started living. On Monday, she came to know that Dinesh was with another woman in a hotel located at Delhi Gate. Neelam immediately reached the hotel with her brother. As soon as she entered the room, she saw that Dinesh was with another woman. In anger, Neelam started beating her with slippers. Along with him, the other woman was also beaten up with slippers.

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