Sunday, November 27, 2022

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War on air pollution gets stuck between LG and Delhi Govt

New Delhi: As the winter season has knocked on the doors of Delhi, the wind speed is experiencing a fall. Due to this, the pollution level on a rise in the state. The Delhi government has implemented the third phase of GRAP in the state.

Campaign launched to limit vehicle pollution stopped by LG

This will enable a ban on construction and demolition. Bio-decomposer is also being sprayed for stubble smelting. However, the Delhi government claims that the campaign that was launched to fight vehicle pollution was stopped by the LG, Vinai Kumar Saxena. This was done saying, such an experiment has not been done in any other country or city.

There is an emergency situation in Delhi

The Aam Aadmi Party has again sent a file to the Delhi government answering all the questions. The Delhi government has cited that there is an emergency situation in Delhi. In such conditions an all-round effort is necessary. They also sought an approval on the ‘Red Light On, Gaadi Off’ campaign.

The campaign was launched based on these studies

When this scheme was first outlined in 2020, its basis was the research related to it done in India itself. A study by scientists says that the vehicles parked on red lights at different intersections cause more than nine percent of the pollution.

Another study from Delhi shows that without this campaign, 20 percent of the people surveyed used to stop their car at a red light, but after the campaign, 62% people started turning their car on red light.

Similar campaigns have also been implemented in North Carolina, Salt Lake City and London. People started turning off their vehicles at red lights.

People create unnecessary pollution when commuting

As per the Delhi government’s logic, on an average a person crosses ten to twelve intersections a day. They create unnecessary pollution for 25-30 minutes without any reason. The purpose of this campaign is to have an impact on the people and make them understand the minimalistic ways to reduce emissions.

The Aam Aadmi Party has sent a file again to the LG with all the facts. They also said that they hope that the LG will give the allowance to implement these steps, keeping in mind the emergency situation in Delhi.

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