Tuesday, February 7, 2023

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Ruckus over alleged love jihad! ‘Have been in love with Faraz for four years,’ girl claims

There was a huge uproar after a loving couple eloped in Banmankhi, Purnia district of Bihar. People caused a commotion by closing the market on Sunday. While gheraoing the police station, they accused the cops of supporting love jihadis.

Earlier, a couple eloped and pleaded for security by stating their consent via video. The girl had declared her love for Faraz by releasing the video. Both of them reportedly want to be together. The family members allegedly do not want them to marry, and thus, the couple asked for security.

The ruckus by the girl’s family

The girl’s family has alleged that the boy from the Muslim community abducted their daughter. The incident occurred on November 24, and it has sparked controversy here. On Sunday, two days ago, the locals caused a commotion by closing the market, dubbing the situation “love jihad.” The police station was completely surrounded.

The girl’s father has filed a police report against Faraz at the Banmankhi police station. Faraz, a 22-year-old Muslim boy, is resident of Banmankhi’s Tailor Tola, told the girl’s father.

According to the father, Faraz abducted his 19-year-old daughter on the evening of November 24. Following this, the family and the locals became agitated and began causing a commotion.

When the girl could not be found after the case was filed at the police station, the family members became enraged. On Sunday, the entire Banmankhi market was shut down in protest. Not only that, but relatives and locals surrounded the Banmankhi police station and caused a commotion.

‘Love each other for four years’

Following this, the loving couple posted a video on social media on Sunday. In the video, the girl says that her parents are forcing her to marry somewhere else against her will, which she finds unacceptable. She chose Faraz of her own free will. He is adored by her.

She stated that they have been in a four-year love affair and when she told her family members about this, she was beaten and forced to marry someone else. This was completely unacceptable to the girl, so she eloped with her lover.

The couple’s appeal to the government

In the video, the girl made serious allegations against her family members and stated that my family members are causing a lot of trouble for Faraz’s family members despite his family members not knowing anything.

Faraz stated that he is under a great deal of pressure. There are some leaders there who support the girl’s father. ‘My family members are having difficulties. There is loss in business. Don’t do it… Please assist us. We demand that the government help us.’

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